It has been just over one year since CentreCourt DevelopmentsGrid Condos reached grade at the southeast corner of Toronto's Dundas and Jarvis intersection. In the roughly 13 months since the first floor of the 50-storey, IBI Group-designed tower rose above street level, we have witnessed what seems like a lightning-quick ascent, and rapid progress on the installation of the tower's signature zigzagging patterned cladding.

Grid Condos on the Toronto skyline, image by Forum contributor skycandy

The tower topped out back in late May with the pouring of a mechanical penthouse level, and in the two months since, most of the visible progress has involved the ongoing installation of cladding. At the time of our last update in March, cladding had reached the 23rd floor of the tower, and the cladding pattern was clearly evident. Four months later, cladding has reached the 40th floor, while crews have begun working from the top down as well with the start of both residential and mechanical penthouse cladding.

Cladding enclosing Grid Condos, image by Forum contributor steveve

Grid is living up to its moniker with an exterior envelope consisting of a window wall system with white metal frames surrounding vision glass with dark aluminum mullions and louvres on the main north and south elevations. The east and west facades are respectively clad in window wall with full pane glazing and waist-high bands of frit pattern, and a similar effect achieved with white shadowbox spandrel sections on the west facade.

Cladding enclosing Grid Condos, image by Forum contributor Rascacielo

At a height of 158 metres, Grid has overtaken the once-prominent Pace Condos across the street to the west in skyline views, part of an emerging height peak at Dundas and Jarvis. This skyline presence will soon be accompanied by the now-rising Dundas Square Gardens, under construction across Dundas Street on the intersection's northeast corner.

Grid Condos on the Toronto skyline, image by Forum contributor skycandy

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