128 Hazelton Avenue, at the southwest corner of Davenport and Hazelton, in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood, is the site of a new Mizrahi Developments 9-storey luxury condominium. Designed by AUDAX architecture, the 18-unit building is the final phase of three adjacent mid-rise buildings along Davenport by Mizrahi. The project—which has zoning approval and its first set of permits—seeks Site Plan Approval from Planning as excavation continues and construction looms on the horizon. 

Site and surroundings, image retrieved via Google Maps

Work on the site has progressed over the last few months. Shoring was underway over the course of the winter months, and excavation on the site began earlier this spring. Efforts on the site continue below-grade, as crews work on the three levels of underground parking and the building's structural foundation.

View of the excavation underway on the site, image via Forum contributor Benito

As the developers submit new plans to the city, a few changes have been made to the proposed mixed-use building. The project’s total gross floor area (GFA) has been reduced to 5,420 m², of which 370 m² is proposed for at-grade commercial space, an increase from the original renderings. The buildings’ reduced residential GFA results in fewer dwelling units. The 18 suites break down as follows: 5 one-bedrooms, 8 two-bedrooms, and 5 three-bedrooms. The building's patrons will be accommodated by 23 bicycle parking spots, and 39 underground vehicular parking spots, of which 35 are for residential use, 2 for residential guests, and 2 for those using the office space at-grade. 

Southeast facing view of the site and the adjacent property, image retrieved via submission to the City of Toronto

In addition, changes have been made to the plans for the buildings exterior finishing. Revisions have been made to the proposal's front entrance, with the front archway simplified and widened. Furthermore, the south wing on Hazelton has been reduced by one storey, the exterior expression on the second tier has also been simplified, narrow windows have been incorporated into the grid facades, and finally, the rounded northeast corner been recessed, creating a clearer division between the facades. 

Southwest facing at-grade view of 128 Hazelton, image via submission to the City of Toronto

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