Today marks the official reopening of the indoor observation level at the CN Tower, and we'll have a few stories about the changes at the tower, and what you can see from it, of course. We've even set up a mini-office up here high above Downtown Toronto to accomplish that. First up, even before we get to the opening ceremonies, before we look at the changes to the tower, we're going to look at a cool new app that you'll find on both the App Store and on Google Play.  

The CN Tower Viewfinder app is available for free for iPhone and Android, image by Craig White

CN Tower Viewfinder is free to download and will allow you to get the names of much of what you're looking at. It works by loading two 360° shots taken on a clear day and a clear night, and then synchs with the gyroscope and compass in your phone or tablet. Once you've got it synched, you can point it out any of the CN Tower's windows and identify what you're looking at, in four categories.  

CN Tower Viewfinder app: Architecture, screen shot

An app after our own heart, Viewfinder's first category is architecture. We've pointed the screen towards the financial core and hit the button to bring up the night shot.

CN Tower Viewfinder app: Entertainment, screen shot

The daytime shot of the South Core with Entertainment chosen highlights a number of the places people go int he area to enjoy a show or a game.

CN Tower Viewfinder app: Geography, screen shot

The night shot looking west highlights west end neighbourhoods and neighbouring cities.

CN Tower Viewfinder app: Points of Interest, screen shot

Looking north, the day shot locates several major attractions in the city. Rotate it a bit, and some names fade out as others pop in.

CN Tower Viewfinder app: Geography, in portrait mode, screen shot

The app also works in portrait mode too, and with the recently taken shots is quite true to what you'll see out the windows. While the app doesn't have quite the number of points on it that the average UrbanToronto reader would recognize, it's quite a fun new way to experience what you're seeing from up here.

We'll be back with more from the CN Tower, soon.

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