Toronto's Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood remains one of the city's most sought-after places to live, fuelling an onslaught of condominium tower development over the last several years. The latest to enter the local skyline is Bazis and Plaza's 1 Yorkville, a 58-storey, Roy Varacalli-designed condominium development rising at the Yonge and Yorkville intersection. Turning back the clocks to a frigid January day in 2013, we are shown a view of the site as it appeared over two years before the redevelopment started.

Facing southwest to the 1 Yorkville site, January 2013, image by Forum contributor AlbertC

Work to support the Victorian heritage storefronts started on the site in late 2015, followed by shoring work in behind, beginning in early 2016. Excavation started that spring, and by August 2016, a massive pit was taking shape to the rear of the preserved heritage buildings. Now well into May 2018, the height of the tower requires the site to be captured in portrait mode. The most recent development has been the installation of the first couple floors of cladding materials, the window wall with its crimped finials now just beginning to hint at the completed building's textural face to the city.

Facing southwest to 1 Yorkville, May 2018, image by Forum contributor Benito

We will return next week with another look at the changing face of Toronto!

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