Tridel has partnered with architectsAlliance to create “Hamilton’s next innovation”, putting forth their bid to redevelop the city's Pier 8, one of four teams now shortlisted as finalists to win a commission to create a landmark community at the west end of Lake Ontario. The under-utilized industrial site will see the complete repurposing of the nine block area into a diverse neighbourhood containing pedestrian connections, public space, institutional structures and residential homes. Tridel seeks to redevelop the neighbourhood with focus on a diverse community and mixed-use structures.

View of Pier 8 from the lake, image via City of Hamilton

Tridel aims to pioneer “the future of Hamilton’s waterfront” through this proposal. By including a wide range of spaces for residents and Hamiltonians from across the city to enjoy, Pier 8 would be sought out as a year-round community gathering space. The neighbourhood sees a linear east-west park through its centre, enhanced by public art and a central community plaza. While each structure is separated by semi-private courtyards, the large waterfront promenade will act as further gathering space for residents, becoming a spot where “the City embraces the waterfront”.

Looking down waterfront, image via City of Hamilton

A wide array of mixed-use spaces is found among all blocks. Blocks 1 and 2 will be solely designated as “market housing”, while Blocks 3 through 7 will contain market housing integrated with live-work lofts, retail and commercial spaces, and the Pier 8 Community Hub. Block 8 is designated to be affordable rental housing, seeking to appeal to residents of all income levels. Block 16 would be a new site of a Delmanor Seniors Residence, along with a child-care facility and outdoor play area. Tridel seeks to create community that appeals to all people, from students to small business owners, visitors, and seniors.

Birds-eye view of Pier 8, image via City of Hamilton

The architectural aesthetic will “speak to Hamilton’s history”, seeing the incorporation of brick, limestone and steel exteriors. Angular linear buildings are reminiscent of the industrial warehouses, “cherishing Steel Town's past, and pointing to its future.” Green roofing on all buildings, along with extensive landscaping and planters integrated throughout the development will contribute to site’s stormwater management, flowing into cisterns in the underground parking facilities.

Central public space of Tridel's Pier 8, image via City of Hamilton

Linked below, a video gives visual reference for the Tridel Pier 8 proposal.

We will return with updates as more information is released on Hamilton’s Pier 8 development. You can see more images from all four proposals by visiting our database file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out our associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.