Revisions have again been submitted to the City of Toronto for a condominium development proposal at 2306 St Clair Avenue West between Keele and Runnymede. The original rezoning application, submitted by Marlin Spring Developments in June 2017, saw revisions in December 2017. The Graziani + Corazza Architects-designed structure has been tweaked again in response to issues that were identified with the plan.

2306 St Clair Avenue West, image via Graziani + Corazza

The site, which formerly hosted one of the area's meat packing plants, is located in the north part of The Junction, west of ‘The Stockyards’ big box centre, and has a curving west lot line which follows a former railway spur. Low-rise residential is adjacent to the north and east, while restaurants, commercial, and light industrial structures surround its other sides. If constructed, the building will add 576m² of ground floor commercial space to the north side of St Clair Avenue.

Looking west at 2306 St Clair Avenue West, image via Graziani + Corazza

Originally designed as an 11-storey structure, the mid-rise has ben redesigned to 10 floors, and a height of just over 30 metres, and townhouses which will front Symes Road have been lowered from 4 floors to 3. The red-brick exterior and black framed warehouse-style fenestration remains, reminiscent of the area’s industrial past, however the building will be further setback along the east property line to provide a more generous public realm. With the changes reducing the size of the building overall, the number of units decreases from 257 to 238, in a mix of 1 bachelor unit, 121 one-bedrooms, 93 two-bedrooms, and 23 three-bedrooms or more.

Looking north at 2306 St Clair Avenue West, image via Graziani + Corazza

The garage also sees a reduction to 217 spaces, now allocating 177 for residential use, 35 for visitors and 5 for retail use. Amenity spaces have accordingly been reduced, with 476 m² of indoor space, while 476 m² of outdoor space is to be located along the curving south-west side of the lot. NAK Design Strategies is designing landscaping for the development.

Looking north east at 2306 St Clair Avenue West, image via Graziani + Corazza

We will return with updates as further details of this project emerge. In the meantime, you can visit the project’s database file to see more renderings, linked below. Want to join in on the conversation? Visit our associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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