Another condominium tower is gearing up to make its mark on Toronto's Bloor-Yorkville skyline, as forming continues for Bazis and Plaza's 58-storey, Roy Varacalli-designed 1 Yorkville. The project's Yonge and Yorkville site has been active since mid-2015, when demolition began to clear a footprint for the tower's construction. Shoring of the site started a few months later, and by mid-2016, excavation of the project's five-storey underground garage was well underway. The next milestone was crossed last summer, when forming for the project reached grade on Yorkville Avenue.

Facing northwest at 1 Yorkville from Asquith Ave., image by Jack Landau

In the months since, 1 Yorkville has risen above the row of preserved heritage storefronts along Yonge, and forming has progressed up to the regular tower floorplates. These typical floor layouts will remain largely consistent across the whole tower, with a few exceptions. At the time of our last update, forming for the lower levels' irregular layouts was just wrapping up, and the repeating tower floor layouts are now being formed above.

Facing north at 1 Yorkville from Bloor Street, image by Jack Landau

The repeating layout of the floors now being formed will allow the tower to rise at a faster pace, as construction crews get into the swing of forming levels, flying forms up to the next floor, and repeating the process over again. The eighth and ninth floors are currently taking shape, and the current floor layout will stay the same for another 21 levels before switching to a new configuration on levels 32 through 36. Typical floor layouts will resume from levels 37 through 51.

1 Yorkville viewed from the west on Yorkville Ave., image by Forum contributor Koops65

While it will still be a few months before the tower starts affecting skyline views, the rising tower's presence can now be felt from some of the surrounding streets. In the image below, 1 Yorkville can be seen peeking above the low-rise rooftops of retailers on Cumberland Street to the south.

1 Yorkville viewed from Cumberland Street, image by Edward Skira

We will keep you updated as construction continues, and more information becomes available. In the meantime, you can learn more by checking out our database file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts? Leave a comment on this page, or join the ongoing conversation in our associated Forum thread.

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