Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is one of the fastest-growing urban centres in York Region. With the VMC subway station and vivaNext Rapidway having opened in December 2017 and the bus terminal opening later this year, the area now includes a multi-service transit hub that’s designed to help people get to where they need to go fast and efficiently on transit.

These new transit improvements mark a significant step forward in connecting York Region’s urban growth centres. It’s the realization of the visions of York Region and the City of Vaughan—managing growth to create vibrant, pedestrian-friendly communities within walking distance of transit. 

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station, image courtesy of vivaNext


The development of VMC has also transformed a formerly quiet part of Vaughan into a new, urban, liveable community.

The new developments currently transforming this area located at Highway 7 and Millway Avenue are mixed-use, and include a community centre and public library, new condo developments, offices, as well as retail, dining and entertainment.

The new VMC development is true city-building on an epic scale, built on the foundation of strong transit connections. Not only does rapid transit transform how people move in Region, it changes how we live – for the better. Stronger economies, more jobs, and walkable, livable, desirable communities: it’s the driving force behind York Region’s Transportation Master Plan and the reason we build rapid transit. 

Socio-economic development

The 330,000 residents of the City of Vaughan and its 11,000 businesses will benefit for years to come from the VMC transit hub. By 2014, Vaughan expects to attract over 11,500 more jobs and grow by at least 25,000 people. 

In Vaughan, the Viva Rapidways are already paying dividends to the community with smart growth and economic stimulus, and by providing a foundation for walkable, livable and desirable communities. The attention to design elevates the aesthetic of the area, enhancing the City’s allure for developers, businesses and prospective residents. Healthy, multi-use residential development is beginning to flourish along the corridor. 

For example, Vaughan surpassed the $1 billion mark in building construction permits in eight out of the last 10 years. And in Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, over 7,000 new residential units are proposed or underway now for a total of 12,000 residential units expected by 2031. 

Great Cities and safe, welcoming communities all include great transit networks. Here in York Region we continue to build places people want to live, work, learn and play. For more information, check out

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