Final plans for Nobu Toronto are getting closer to being realized following recent resubmissions of planning documents to Toronto City Planning. Planning of the twin 45-storey towers from the Madison Group and Westdale Properties has been underway since 2015, with an early 2018 resubmission for Site Plan Approval (SPA) finalizing details for the project in advance of construction. 

Nobu Residences Toronto, image courtesy of Madison Group/Westdale Properties

The project's exterior design remains unchanged since minor revisions introduced in a late 2017 resubmission, so updated plans by Teeple Architects and Turner Fleischer Architects cover minor changes from earlier versions sought by City staff, mostly of a technical nature, such as tweaks to the water and drainage systems. Also included in the revisions are plans for the de-watering system that will be employed during construction.

Podium, Nobu Residences Toronto, image courtesy of Madison Group/Westdale Properties

At the same time, the design team have been filing permit applications for the partial demolition, partial retention of buildings currently on the site, for construction of the new building, and for plumbing, drainage, and HVAC systems. The permit applicatons are currently under review by City staff.

Once the newest SPA submission and the permit applications are approved, construction activity can proceed. When complete a few years later, Nobu Residences will add 660 new condominium units and 36 hotel suites to the Entertainment District.

Nobu Residences Toronto, image courtesy of Madison Group/Westdale Properties

We will be back with more on the Nobu Toronto project as further information becomes available. In the meantime, you can find out more about this development from our database file, linked below. Want to talk about the project? You can get in on the conversation in the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the field provided on this page.

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