Toronto's Jarvis and Dundas intersection is getting a lot taller, as new 50-storey IBI Group-designed condominium towers rise from two of the four corners. While Gupta Group's Dundas Square Gardens project stands just a few levels above the intersection's northeast corner, CentreCourt's Grid Condos has been ascending at a rapid pace and is now well over halfway towards a final height of 158 metres.

Grid Condos viewed from Dundas and Jarvis, image by Forum contributor skycandy

Grid had progressed to reach a height of 25 storeys at the time of our last update back in November, and in the weeks since, forming has advanced as high as the tower's 34th floor. Cladding installation has also progressed a great deal since our last update, rising from the 9th floor in late November to the top of the 14th floor. As more cladding is installed, Grid's signature exterior expression—a zig-zag pattern of dark-toned cladding contrasting with snaking white sections—continues to become more apparent to passersby.

Facing west towards Grid Condos, image by Forum contributor skycandy

Glazing installation for the tower's Juliet balconies continues. The first panels of this fritted glazing appeared on the lowest tower floor in November, and installation has since almost caught up with the main tower cladding.

Cladding installation progressing at Grid Condos, image by Forum contributor skycandy

The tower's steady growth is creating new viewing points from around the city. In the image below, Grid can be seen rising at the centre, slowly but surely obscuring the east elevation of the 42-storey Pace Condos. At its final 158-metre height, Grid will entirely obscure the 146-metre Pace Condos from the east.

Grid Condos rising into skyline views from Regent Park, image by Forum contributor skycandy

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