Even before the photo ops began today, there were signs—literally—that a major change was about to hit the TTC. Head into the subway system and you may notice that the maps look a little more filled out than they have for years: northwest Toronto and southwest York Region are about to get six new rapid transit stations.

The new stations lit up this morning on the subway, image by UT Forum contributor Mark Rejhon

This morning, TTC Chair John Colle, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor John Tory, and York Regional Council Chair and CEO Wayne Emmerson took part in ribbon cutting ceremonies at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station and York University subway station on the Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension, or TYSSE.

Colle, Trudeau, Wynne, Tory, and Emmerson walk the platform at VMC station, image via @JohnTory on Twitter

There are more festivities to come, including tomorrow when Finch West station will be welcome people to explore it from 1 to 5 PM, and the winners of the Line 1 Extension Special Preview Ride contest will also get to claim their prize with a train leaving Sheppard West station at 11 AM with Mayor Tory, TTC Chair Colle, and York Region Rapid Transit Board Chair and Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti along for the ride.

Public art at Highway 407 Station, image by Craig White

Sunday, however, is when Toronto's newest six subway stations open for real. At 8 AM, the first train will head northbound from Sheppard West station into the previously uncharted depths of North York and York Region, meeting the first southbound train from Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station at Pioneer Village staton at 8.10 AM. If you want to be along for that ride with Mayor Tory and TTC Chair Josh Colle, or if you want to ride south from VMC with Ontario Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca 7.57 Am, then you are welcome to be amongst the first to ride the new line. Sunday, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation has announced, all rides on the entire TTC system, are free!

Platform level at Pioneer Village station during the October 2017 open house, image by Craig White

For anyone wanting to meet other UrbanToronto types on the line on Sunday, we have a schedule for our travels along the line. You can find us…

  • Noon: Downsview Park — just inside the fare paid area at the main entrance
  • 12:30 Finch West — just inside the fare paid area at the main entrance
  • 1:00 York University — just inside the fare paid area at the main entrance
  • 1: 30 Pioneer Village — just inside the fare paid area at the south entrance
  • 2:00 Highway 407 — just inside the fare paid area at the main entrance
  • 2:30 VMC — just inside the fare paid area at the main entrance

From 3 PM until bout 5 PM we'll be at the Fox and Fiddle at 1285 Finch just east of Keele (1 block from Finch West station). There will be a little swaggy goodness for some lucky attendees.

Join us anytime along the way to share some holiday cheer with us and other UT members!


UPDATED to note that all rides on Sunday on the TTC are to be free courtesy of the Ontario Government.

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