Among the two 50-storey condominium towers rising from Toronto's Dundas and Jarvis intersection, construction of CentreCourt's Grid Condos is picking up speed. While Grid began construction around the same time as the Gupta Group's Dundas Square Gardens (DSG) to the north of it, the former has been rising at an impressive pace, now standing many levels higher than DSG.

Facing southeast towards Grid Condos, image by Forum contributor skycandy

When we last checked in on the Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects-designed condominium tower at the start of October, Grid stood at a height of 12 storeys. At that time, installation had recently begun for a framing system to support the first cladding panels on the building's second level. In the weeks since, Grid has risen to a height of 19 storeys, and cladding installation is now well underway.

Facing southwest towards Grid Condos, image by Forum contributor skycandy

Grid is living up to its name with the installation of exterior details, now covering two levels of the tower's north facade, and wrapping around to cover parts of the slender east and west elevations. So far, the building's main north and south elevations are being finished in a window wall system with white metal frames surrounding vision glass with dark aluminum mullions and louvres, while the east and west facades do not yet have the white frames. That will change as the building rises and the snaking grid pattern is established. 

Grid Condos' north facade (R) and east facade (L), image by Forum contributor skycandy

What can be seen now on the east and west sides is a frit on the windows rising to waist height, meant to give a balcony-like effect to the end units.

Facing southeast towards Grid Condos, image courtesy of CentreCourt

With forming now approaching 40% completion with the 20th floor pour, Grid's ascent towards its final 50-storey, 158-metre height is expected to continue for another several months. Once completed, the building's 563 condominium units will contribute to a growing pocket of density at the corner of Dundas and Jarvis, joining Pace Condos' 272 units, and the further 1,004 units under construction across the street at DSG.

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