A rezoning application was submitted to the City of Toronto on November 2nd by KLM Planning Partners Inc on behalf of their client, Galaxy Communities, for a proposed 15-storey mixed-use development at the northwest corner of Ellesmere Road and Brimley Road in Scarborough. The development, to be called Nexxt Condos, is proposed to occupy an area of approximately 3,652 square metres, will include 262 residential units, underground parking, a communal courtyard, as well as 'retail and open amenity space throughout'.

North-west view of Galaxy Condos development, image via submission to City of Toronto

The property, addressed to 1560 Brimley Road and 1350 Ellesmere Road, has a frontage of 57 metres along Ellesmere and 60 metres along Brimley. Currently onsite is a two storey plaza, predominantly containing retailers and offices. The proposed development, designed by TACT Architecture Inc will necessitate the demolition of both the existing plaza and parking lot that supports it.

Of the 262 residential units, spanning a gross floor area of roughly 18,455 square metres, there are a proposed 26 studio units, 73 one bedrooms, 56 one bedroom plus dens, 56 two bedrooms, 41 two bedroom plus dens, and 10 three bedroom units. Terraces are proposed for the 8th, 9th, and 12th floors. The 12th floor will also contain an outdoor amenity space with an area of roughly 524 square metres, with a green roof set to top the building on the 15th floor, occupying half its rooftop area in line with the Ontario Green Roof By-Law. The development's shape and overall massing is designed to reduce shadow reach over Ellesmere and Brimley, while also serving 'to ease the pedestrian's perception of the building's height'. 

East elevation of Galaxy Condos, image via submission to City of Toronto

Entry into the building has been designed to 'convey a distinguished facade and contribute to a lively pedestrian environment'. The building's main entrance at the corner of Brimley and Ellesmere opens into a lower lobby that connects to an upper lobby facing the internal courtyard. Two other entrances located west of the main entrance contain short-term bike parking, and are flanked by a 59 square metre retail space adjacent to the lower lobby, and a 244 square metre amenity space. Two main pedestrian pathways or 'corridors' will intersect the development on the ground, contributing 'to the pedestrian streetscape experience'. One of these will lead to a communal courtyard, with a fenced-in off-leash dog area, the other will double as an entrance to a designated moving area, with separate elevators and space for a potential children's play area.

Resident entrance into Galaxy Condos lobby on Ellesmere Road, image via submission to City of Toronto

Vehicles accessing the building will enter the development's three-level underground parking lot (Main Floor, P1 and P2), containing a total of 247 vehicular parking spaces, and 204 underground bicycle parkings paces. Of these, 39 spots are allocated to visitor's vehicles. A second entrance will contain service and loading spaces, with a view to reducing impact and inconvenience on residents and the adjacent streets. 

Driveway entrance on Ellesmere Road into Galaxy Condos, image via submission to City of Toronto

In terms of the materials used for the proposed development, the main floor will be clad in a metal panelling with a wood grain texture, topped by a canopy of metal panel with a dark grey texture. Bird friendly glass will be included on the development up to 12 metres high, and glass balcony guards will feature etched stripes. In consideration of noise pollution—Brimley and Ellesmere have six lanes of traffic each—units facing Brimley, as well as units below the 8th floor facing Ellesmere, were recommended to upgrade proposed windows for greater sound proofing.

Courtyard at Galaxy Condos, image via submission to City of Toronto

The Galaxy Condos site is accessible by public transit, with the TTC 95 bus (and night bus 395) on Ellesmere, and the 21 bus on Brimley. Both connect to Scarborough Centre Station on the Scarborough RT line. Standing across Brimley from a the Omni Forest Mansion condo complex, the planners say this development 'will help to maximize the numerous public transit bus and subway options located nearby', while also connecting residents to local shops and businesses. The planning rationale for the development argues that it is designed in keeping with the surrounding character of the area, and that it presents an appropriate density in accordance with Toronto's Official Plan regarding intensification and density within Urban Growth Centres. 

Check back with us for further updates and information on this development as they surface. For more renderings, and facts about the development, you can visit the project's database file by clicking the link below. Visit our associated Forum thread to join the conversation, or leave a comment in the field provided on this page.