The site of North Drive Investments Inc's Picnic, The High Park II is abuzz with activity in Toronto's Bloor West Village area, just west of High Park. The 8-storey, Quadrangle designed condominium development got its start back in summer 2016, when demolition cleared away a two-storey commercial retail building at the corner of Bloor and Kennedy Park Road. In the over a year since site activity commenced, shoring of the site and excavation of its below-grade area has been completed, a crane has been installed, and forming of the building's underground garage is now well underway.

Crane at the site of Picnic, The High Park II, image by Craig White

The newest photos captured of the project reveal that the lowest P3 parking level has been poured, with forming underway for the P2 level. The garage will eventually house the 60 residential parking spots, along with 75 bicycle parking spaces for residents. While this section of Bloor does not have dedicated bike lanes, nearby High Park offers a quick way for locals to access the Waterfront Trail. Bike lanes are also present on Annette Street a kilometre to the north.

Below grade forming for Picnic, The High Park II, image by Craig White

Forming of Picnic's underground component will continue over the next few months. Once this phase of work is complete, the building will begin its ascent above Bloor Street West. 

Picnic, The High Park II, image courtesy of North Drive

As work heats up at the Picnic site, work is underway on another project from North Drive, just over two kilometres to the west at Bloor and The Kingsway. Long dormant, the site of 4 The Kingsway is now buzzing with activity following its clearance earlier in the year to make way for the 8-storey, 41-unit condominium development, designed by Richard Wengle Architect. Recent photos from the site reveal that shoring is complete, and excavation of the project's three-level, underground area is almost complete.

Site of 4 The Kingsway, image by Craig White

The project's traditional design is a departure from the modern aesthetic North Drive chose for the two phases of The High Park. Here Wengle's style echoes the Arts and Crafts, Queen Anne, Victorian, Cottage Style, Mock Tudor, and Neo-Georgian mansions and mid-rise condos that exist on the surrounding streets of The Kingsway.

4 The Kingsway, image courtesy of North Drive

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