Block Developments' plans for a condominium development at 57 Brock Avenue have been evolving since the project was initially proposed last summer. Following the City’s failure to come to a decision in the allotted timeframe, the 7-storey proposal’s Zoning By-law Amendment and Official Plan Amendment applications were appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) last October and January respectively. In advance of a four day hearing scheduled to begin on November 27th, the proponent has been working with City staff to address concerns about the proposal, and have now submitted a revised plan.

Aerial view facing northwest at 57 Brock Avenue, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

The project's architecture by RAW Design has been refined in the new submission, the plan's new massing and materiality aiming to complement the area's Bay and Gable-style Victorian homes. Step backs have been added above the second storey of the west facade, while the east facade facing the rail corridor has been adjusted, with a cantilever added for levels four through seven over amenity terraces. The rooftop mechanical penthouse level has been relocated from its previous position, now incorporated into the building's 7th floor, which along with other changes has allowed for a 15 foot decrease in overall height. 

Facing southeast at 57 Brock Avenue, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

Also new to the plan is a 331 m² public park—a total of 10% of the net site area—to animate the public realm on the southwest portion of the site next to Brock Avenue. The relocation of the site's vehicular access from the the southwest corner of the site to the northwest corner will further improve the block's pedestrian experience.

Facing northeast at 57 Brock Avenue, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

The 105 residences proposed in the earlier version has been scaled back to 97, with more townhomes added to the ground floor, while two-level units have been incorporated on the 6th floor. The decrease in the overall unit count has increased the ratio of two and three-bedroom units. The mix is now 42 one-bedrooms, 34 two-bedrooms, and 19 three-bedrooms.

57 Brock Avenue seen from the rail corridor, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

Previous plans for a two-level above ground parking garage have been revised with the addition of another parking level at the rear of the site, housing a total of 67 parking spaces, with 52 dedicated to building residents and the remaining 15 spaces reserved for visitors.

Aerial view facing northeast, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

Additional information and images, including those from the project's earlier version, can be found in our database file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the field provided at the bottom of this page.

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