Toronto's Church-Wellesley Village will soon be getting a large boost in residential density, as two new neighbouring condominium towers ascend over Wellesley between Yonge and Church. 50 at Wellesley Station by Plaza and Vox Condominiums by Cresford Developments have both begun to impact the north side of Wellesley, as the side-by-side developments ascend towards respective heights of 115 and 116 metres.

Vox (L) and 50 at Wellesley Station (R) viewed from the east, image by Forum contributor Benito

The 37-storey Quadrangle designed 50 at Wellesley Station to the east and the 35-storey, architectsAlliance-designed Vox to the west have been underway since the two sites were shored and excavated in tandem. Vox bottomed out in early 2016, with initial forming for the building's below-grade component starting as excavation continued for the 50 at Wellesley Station site to the east. By the start of 2017, Vox had risen up to meet grade on Wellesley Street, while 50 at Wellesley Station followed suit this past June.

50 at Wellesley Station rising above Wellesley, image by Forum contributor Benito

The latest photos of the two projects show that plenty of progress has been accomplished in the months since. 50 at Wellesley now stands six storeys above Wellesley Street East. Now that the building's podium levels have been formed, the pace of construction can be expected to increase as a result of the repetitive—and much smaller—floor plates of the tower floors. Over the next several months, the forming of the tower levels and the final mechanical penthouse level will bring the project to its total height of 115 metres.

To the west, Vox Condominiums has progressed quite a bit since our last update, when the tower stood 15 levels above Wellesley. Since then, Vox has almost doubled in height, with work now underway on the 28th floor. 7 more residential levels and a mechanical penthouse level will bring Vox up to its 35-storey, 116-metre height. As it rises taller, cladding installation is making swift progress, now reaching as high as the 13th floor.

Cladding rising on the east facade of Vox, image by Forum contributor Benito

We will return as construction of the new condominium towers continue. In the meantime, our database files, linked below, have more information about the two projects. Want to share your thoughts? Feel free to comment in the space provided on this page, or join in the ongoing conversation in our associated Forum threads. 

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