The west side of Toronto's Church and Wellesley neighbourhood is undergoing a vertical growth spurt as new towers add density to the blocks surrounding Wellesley subway station. One of the many buildings currently going up in the area is Totem Condos, an 18-storey condominium tower on Dundonald Street, designed by RAW for Worsley Urban Partners.

Totem Condos viewed from Dundonald Street, image by Forum contributor Benito

Forming for the tower has been progressing steadily since concrete rose above grade back in April of this year, reaching 12 storeys at the time of our last update in early September. Forming is now underway for the 17th floor, leaving just one more residential level and a mechanical penthouse and elevator overrun to form before the building tops out at a height of 64 metres.

Totem Condos' north facade, image by Forum contributor Benito

Cladding installation is now underway on the tower's lower levels. A mix of clear glazing framed in aluminium mullions, and pewter-hued glass spandrel can be seen rising as high as the 7th floor of the building. Complementary exterior finishes on the tower will include basalt-black ceramic tile and metal panels.

Cladding being installed at Totem Condos, image by Forum contributor Benito

The tower base will feature the replicated facade of the mid-1950s Commercial Travellers’ Association of Canada Building that previously occupied the site, sporting travertine panels made from salvaged materials, glazed salvaged brick veneers, manganese ironspot brick, Fibre C "Oko Skin" panels, and cobalt coloured aluminum fins. This part of the building will also house a new entrance to Wellesley Station on the TTC's Line 1 subway.

Totem Condos, image courtesy of Worsley Urban Partners

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