In the almost four months since our last construction update on Canderel's YC Condos, plenty of progress has been recorded for the 66-storey, Graziani + Corazza Architects-designed condominium tower at Toronto's Yonge and Grenville intersection. Back in late May, standing 14 storeys at the time, forming of the tower component had started to make an impact on the surrounding blocks.

In the months since, YC Condos has more than doubled in height, now standing 32 storeys over Yonge Street, and just shy of halfway to its final floor count. As forming of the tower levels brings the building closer to its eventual 198-metre height, the installation of cladding and the underpainting of balconies have begun to form the development's signature geometrical exterior expression: projecting groups of balcony slabs that alternate between dark and light finishes.

YC Condos viewed from Yonge north of Grenville, image by Forum contributor Benito

While only two sections of balcony glazing have ben installed on one of the dark projecting sections, the alternating black-and-white pattern has been made evident by the underpainting of the balcony slabs. (The underpainting has nearly caught up with forming of new floors!) As balcony glass installation progresses further up the tower, the full effect of the pattern will begin to be seen.

Dark-tinted balcony glazing above YC's Yonge Street frontage, image by Forum contributor Benito

Other recent work includes the installation of curtainwall glazing on a projecting room on the fourth floor of the podium, extending over Yonge Street just south of Grenville. Around the projecting space, the main exterior envelope consists of a window wall system with muted grey spandrel panels and vision glass, framed in grey aluminum mullions.

YC's Yonge Street frontage and curtainwall-glazed projection, image by Forum contributor Benito

As YC stretches taller into the skyline, it has begun to impact views from the College Park area and surrounding neighbourhoods. In the view below, captured from an building to the southeast of YC, the tower is beginning to eclipse the recently completed Karma Condos development. YC is set to stand a full 32 metres/107 feet taller than its neighbour to the west.

YC Condos rising into view, image by Forum contributor steveve

Additional information and renderings of YC Condos can be found in our database file for the project, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated forum threads, or leave a comment using the field provided at the bottom of this page.

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