The design for Nobu Toronto has evolved quite a bit since its first version in 2015. Led by developer Madison Group in partnership with Westdale Properties, the Teeple Architects-designed project boasts a matched pair of modern 49-storey towers that rise above the restored facades of the Art Deco former Pilkington Glass Factory building on Mercer Street in the city's Entertainment District.

Nobu Residences Toronto, image courtesy of Madison Group/Westdale Properties

Now, the project's marketing team has released materials going more in depth on the design of the complex, with video interviews with both lead architect Stephen Teeple and interior designer Alessandro Munge of Studio Munge. The former provides insight into the architectural inspiration for Nobu, described by Teeple as a "huge tuning fork in the sky, where two parts resonate together.”

In its most recent iteration, Teeple has inserted a light glass reveal above the restored heritage buildings to give the effect of the U-shaped towers “floating” above them, and creating clear separations between the modern towers and the heritage base. The towers will be texturally enhanced with what Teeple refers to as a “grid that slips across the facade”, referring to the projecting metal frames that will adorn the towers' outer faces, variously catching the sun's rays as it crosses the sky.

Nobu Residences Toronto, image courtesy of Madison Group/Westdale Properties

Nobu's architecture will be complemented by a collection of interior amenity spaces that carry on design cues found on the exterior. We have already taken an in-depth look at many of these amenities, and will return in the future with more about Nobu's interior design.

Gym at Nobu Residences Toronto, image courtesy of Madison Group/Westdale Properties

We will be back with more on the Nobu Toronto project soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about this development from our database file, linked below. Want to talk about the project? You can get in on the conversation in the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the field provided on this page.

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