Construction of Bazis and Plaza's 1 Yorkville turned a major corner this past June, when the 58-storey, Roy Varacalli-designed condominium development reached grade in Toronto's posh Yorkville neighbourhood. Following the forming of the building's five-level below-grade parking garage, work on the first above-grade levels has been progressing slowly yet steadily on Yorkville Avenue, west of Yonge Street, with work now in full swing for 1 Yorkville's third floor.

1 Yorkville viewed from the north on Yorkville Avenue, August 20th, image by Forum contributor Benito

The image below, captured along the project's Yorkville Avenue frontage, provides some insight into the forming process for structural columns. Rising from the third floor slab, two completed column sections can be seen on the right side of the image. Steel rebar protruding from the columns will be tied into more rebar, extending the columns' strength to the next level as the building grows higher. Formwork can be seen around one of the columns: the form holds liquid concrete is place as it cures.

Columns being formed for 1 Yorkville's 3rd floor, image by Forum contributor willwu

Another view from roughly a week ago shows an interior stairwell installed to the height of a mid-level landing.

1st level stairwell taking shape at 1 Yorkville, image by Forum contributor willwu

With forming for the third level well underway, the project's four-storey Victorian storefront facades along Yonge Street will soon have a rising tower as their new backdrop. During the later stages of construction, extensive cleaning and repair of these preserved frontages will give the project a heritage connection with Yonge Street's classic built form.

1 Yorkville's heritage component viewed from the northeast on Yonge, image by Edward Skira

The most recent views from the site reveal the steel structural elements that will tie the preserved structure in with the new construction.

Steel structural elements at the rear of the heritage component, image by Forum contributor willwu

Unlike most point towers in new Toronto condominium developments, 1 Yorkville's floor plate remains a consistent size from the base of the tower all the way to the top. The unchanging slab means that construction should be speedy over the coming months, as fly forms will be able to be used on floor and floor.

1 Yorkville, image courtesy of Bazis/Plaza

We will keep you updated as construction continues, and more information becomes available. In the meantime, you can learn more by checking out our database file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts? Leave a comment on this page, or join the ongoing conversation in our associated Forum thread. 

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