In the Fall of 2015, a team headed by Dufferin Construction was announced as the winner of the much-anticipated Fort York Bridge competition, and the project's somewhat turbulent history was finally given a concrete timeline. Now, with construction well underway and the 2018 opening date approaching, new details about the project recently dubbed Garrison Crossing accompany conspicuous site activity. 

The future bridge, image courtesy of Dufferin Construction

As outlined in a release from Councillor Mike Layton—as well as the project's newly launched website—the name Garrison Crossing was selected (and recently ratified by the Toronto and East York Community Council) as a nod to area history. Meanwhile, foundations for both of the bridge's sections are now in place, setting the stage for a network that will eventually connect Garrison Common with the planned South Stanley Park Extension to the north, as well as the future Ordnance Park.

Southern Bridge Foundation on the Garrison Common Section of Garrison Crossing, image by Forum Contributor smuncky

The image above shows the completed foundation in the future Ordnance Park, which will support the bridge section connecting it with treed grounds of Garrison Common. Below, the image shows the foundation which will support the bridge section, linking it with the South Stanley Park Extension. 

Northern Bridge Foundation on the Garrison Common Section of Garrison Crossing, image by Forum Contributor smuncky

Set to become the first stainless steel bridge in North America, the Dufferin-led design—project managed by Build Toronto and by MMM Group, and with the design-build team composed of PedeltaDTAH, Mulvey & Banani, and Golder Associates—opts for technological simplicity over eye-catching structural forms. The choice to use 'Duplex' stainless steel is also a logistical one, prolonging the life of the structures and ensuring low maintenance.

Looking north, image courtesy of Dufferin Construction

As opposed to the other entries —which had generally higher budgets and arguably more ambitious aesthetics—the Dufferin Construction team's concept stood out for its reduced construction and maintenance costs, as well as the elegant simplicity of its design.

A view from the bridge, image courtesy of Dufferin Construction

While details of the parks themselves have yet to be released, it has been announced that the project will be completed by Summer of 2018, set to coincide with the completion of the future parks and ensure that it operates to serve the community from day one.

Aerial View of the Garrison Commons area showing the points of connection, image Courtesy of BUILD TORONTO

Garrison Crossing is set to become a major thoroughfare for residents and visitors of the area, connecting key destinations and previously hard-to-reach areas. As further details emerge surrounding the future South Stanley Park Extension, future Ordnance Park, and as construction of the crossing progresses, we will be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, more information is available on our Database file, linked below, and on the official project website. Join the conversation by participating in our associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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