A revised rezoning application has been submitted to the City of Toronto by Riverking Developments LP for a Page + Steele / IBI Group-designed 9-storey mixed-use residential project at the corner of Bathurst Street and Glencairn Avenue. The submission is the third iteration of the project, the first having been submitted in 2015. Plans for the building have undergone a number of changes to comply with City guidelines and standards.

The development was originally proposed at 10 storeys with a higher gross floor area and more residential units. However, in the latest submission, some massing has shifted towards Bathurst Street away from Glencairn Avenue, residential units have decreased from 165 to 150, and the share of unit types has changed. Originally, 6 bachelor, 122 one-bedroom, 38 two-bedroom, and 9 three-bedroom units were proposed, but that has since changed to 79 one-bedroom, 56 two-bedroom, and 15-three bedroom units in response to a city request for more family friendly spaces. Amenity spaces have also been increased from the minimum to support families and other activities. 

Looking northwest across Glencairn to 2795 Bathurst, image by Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects

Massing of the project has also changed. Originally the project was proposed to be at 10 storeys dropping to 4, but has since been cut by one storey to 9 dropping to 4. The larger mass will now face Bathurst Street as opposed to the quieter and less busy Glencairn avenue. As the project is split into two main masses, one being the full 9 storeys while the other being only 4 storeys, amenities and outdoor space for residents are on the roof of the 4 storey portion. There will also be 161 car parking spaces held in an underground parking structure, 130 being resident spaces, while 23 spaces for visitors and 8 for retail. Within the building there will also be 158 bike parking spaces (135 residential, 15 residential visitors, and 8 retail), with an additional 12 spaces on ground level.

Looking east towards 2795 Bathurst Street, image by Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects for Riverking Developments

As seen in the renderings and elevations, the building is proposed to be clad in a mix of red and black masonry brick, with metal detailing along the lower portion of the project and the balconies. Metal detailing also characterizes entrances to retail and private areas at the ground level. 

We will keep you updated on this project in the months to come. In the meantime, you can check out the database file for this project, linked below, for more information and renderings. You can join the discussion in the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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