We have been closely tracking the growth of Ryerson University's new Jarvis Street Residence since construction commenced in the summer of 2015. The MPI Group-developed 30-storey tower has been steadily growing upwards since reaching grade in mid-2016. Roughly one year since this milestone was met on Jarvis between Shuter and Dundas Streets, the IBI Group-designed tower is once again marking an important point in the construction process, with the building now topped out at its final height.

Ryerson's Jarvis Street Residence, image by Forum contributor skycandy

With forming now practically complete, the bulk of construction activity has shifted towards the fitting out of the tower's interior spaces, as well as the ongoing installation of the exterior building envelope. The north and south facades of the Jarvis Street Residence are being clad in a black-framed window wall system with a mix of glass and multi-toned blue spandrel panels. This pattern will eventually be finished with a series of diagonal accent mullions. Another material finish is now apparent on the east facade of the tower, where slate-gray brick is in the process of being laid.

Cladding on Ryerson's Jarvis Street Residence, image by Forum contributor skycandy

Along the south and north facades, a black-framed window wall system now stretches roughly two thirds of the way to the top of the tower. Unlike the floor-to-ceiling window arrangement common in condominium and luxury rental developments, the north and south facades of the Ryerson Student Residence feature operable knee-height windows with full-size lights above. The white GlasRoc sheathing between the rows of windows will be covered by the same brick seen on the east and west facades. 

Jarvis Street Residence viewed from the south on Jarvis, image by Forum contributor skycandy

The project will add 191 fully furnished units to Ryerson's student housing stock, available in a mix of 19 one-bedroom, 57 two-bedroom, and 115 four-bedroom units, each offering a shared kitchen and a living room. This configuration will accommodate up to 593 students. Construction of the new student residence is on track for an August 2018 completion, to open in time for the Fall semester the following month.

Jarvis Street Residence, image courtesy of Ryerson/MPI Group

Additional information can be found in the project's dataBase file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts on the Jarvis Street Residence? Feel free to comment in the field provided on this page, or join in the ongoing discussion in the associated Forum thread. 

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