It was the dead of Winter when we last checked in on the construction progress of Cityzen Development GroupFernbrook Homes, and Fortress Real DevelopmentsBrookdale on Avenue Road. Under construction on Avenue Road, a short distance north of Lawrence, the 7-storey boutique condominium development with architecture by RAW Design has progressed significantly since our February update covering the project's shoring phase.

Previously submitted in 2011 by Mady Developments, the project was purchased by the current developers after Mady's bankruptcy filing. Following the approvals process, demolition finally got underway in mid-2016, with the teardown of all properties on the west side of Avenue Road, between Brookdale and Fairlawn Avenues. Shoring wrapped up earlier this year, followed by the start of excavation of the development's two-level underground parking garage, which is ongoing.

Facing north across the Brookdale on Avenue site from Brookdale Ave., image by Forum contributor Toronto1834

The image above reveals that the pit has been excavated to a depth of roughly one level. As crews dig deeper, the pit's pile and lagging earth retention system is becoming more apparent. Horizontal timber lagging continues to be installed between vertical steel piles, with new lagging added to hold back the surrounding earth as excavation progresses further down. Once excavation reaches the full two-storey depth, a tower crane will be delivered to the site, followed by the start of forming for the building's underground parking component.

Brookdale on Avenue, image courtesy of Cityzen/Fernbrook/Fortress

Featuring 100 residential units, the project will be fronted by street-level retail spaces, with the largest commercial space planned for the corner of Avenue and Brookdale, at the south end of the site. Four smaller retail units are planed at the north end of the site, meeting the corner of Fairlawn and Avenue with storefronts. East of the retail on Brookdale, meanwhile, three townhouse units will negotiate the transition to the surrounding neighbourhood's low-rise residential character. 

The ground floor plan, click for a closer view, image via submission to the City of Toronto

Brookdale on Avenue Road is part of a new wave of mid-rise intensification on Avenue Road between Lawrence and Wilson. This boost in residential growth began in the late-2000s with the construction of 1717 Avenue Road Condos, completed in 2010. The Brookdale site followed, with the original plans submitted in 2011. Now, the torch has been passed to the more recently proposed Avenue & Park development to the south, while future residential and commercial developments are on the horizon for additional sites along this stretch of Avenue Road.

Additional information and renderings can be found in the project's dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment using the field provided at the bottom of this page.

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