Throughout January, February, and March of 2017, UrbanToronto took an epic journey along the streets of Toronto. It was our fourth annual early-year tour of the city, taking stock of all of the major development sites from the Etobicoke Creek over to the Rouge River, and from Steeles Avenue south to the Lake. Over the course of 21 instalments we spotlighted all the buildings that would be opening this year, catalogued ongoing and new construction, and dug up all of the projects coming down the planning-process pipeline, and even caught some just bubbling under.

Looking southwest towards The Well office tower, image by Hariri Pontarini Architects for Diamond Corp, RioCan, Allied REIT

As even those who do not tune into development news will tell you, there's a lot of growth in the city right now, (you know, the sorts who tell you it's totally out of control, then blame "the planners"): across the city, our Growth survey covered 840 projects in various stages. The articles were very popular, and as a potential source of reference material for anyone wanting an overview at any time during the year, we want to make them more easily found. We could list them in this article too, but this article will gradually slide down the front page just like the Growth articles did along with everything else we publish.

Instead, we have created a thread in our Buildings Forum which will remain at the top of the first page, making it easy to find anytime. You can access it right here: Growth To Watch For: Quick access to development across Toronto

How we broke down Toronto: 21 paths through the 416, base map from Google Maps API

We've learned a few things from doing the articles: foremost that there's more of everything going on overall than even we realized, and in particular, there are certain segments of the development industry that are busier than we thought. For example…

  • there are 27 hotels in various stages of development, either existing ones expanding, or (mostly) totally new ones being added, while one huge one might be torn down and replaced with a smaller one.
  • there are 48 office buildings in development, yup, 48. Some are skyscraping downtown core type towers, while others are more modest mid-rise avenues-style buildings. Still, 48?! And that's not all of it…
  • another 63 projects that we covered which are predominantly residential also have office space planned in them. These don't represent as much space as the 48 office buildings above, but they will also substantially boost employment space over time. 
  • there are 102 developments that are either entirely residential rental, or which include rentals in the mix, way more than we thought there would be, everything from new TCHC buildings to ultra luxury.
  • there are also quite an impressive number of mid-rises—buildings as high as 13 storeys for our cutoff—amongst the 840 projects, in fact at 200, closing in on a quarter of them!
  • finally, there are half a dozen candidates to be Toronto's first "supertall" right now. None have broken ground yet, but the time is coming when we will have a number of them rising!

So, want more detail on all of that? We will be back in the next while with stories detailing all of these stats, and looking more closely at the trends we have noticed. In the meantime, have fun with the existing Growth To Watch For stories, and let us know if there are other categories that you would like more information about!