Adding to the recent tower-in-the-park infill projects sprouting across Toronto, Plaza is moving forward with a large-scale intensification project southeast of Yonge & Eglinton. Compared to the relatively recent surge of infill proposals, however, the Plaza Midtown project is comparatively longstanding, with an application to re-make the Holly Street and Dunfield Avenue site first filed in 2013. Following substantial revisions made during the planning process, the proposal was approved in 2016, and marketing is now underway for the Quadrangle Archtiects-designed project, which calls for two new high-rises, along with an on-site parkland dedication. 

A rendering of the project, excluding five-storey additions, image courtesy of Plaza

Located just south of Eglinton, the 11,290 m² Midtown site fronts onto Holly, Dunfield, and Soudan. Occupied by a pair of 14-storey, mid-block apartment towers and two freestanding homes on Soudan, much of the property is given over to surface parking, with both apartment towers backing out onto substantial lots. Both of these lots will be redeveloped as high-rises, with a 34-storey condo fronting Dunfield at the northeast end of the site, and a 27-storey condo further south on Holly. Both new towers would abut the existing buildings. 

A closer look at the 32-storey tower fronting Dunfield

In the south end of the site at the corner of Soudan and Dunfield, the pair of low-rise homes—both of which are rental properties—would be replaced by a new public green space.

In total, Plaza's project will introduce 492 new condominium units spread across the two point towers. Adding to the 324 units currently housed in the two apartment towers, the intensified site will feature 816 homes, more than doubling the existing supply. Throughout the two condo towers, the one- to three-bedroom units will range in size from 480 ft² to 1,700 ft². Housed in a three-level underground garage, 600 new parking spaces will also serve the new and existing units. 

The approximate site, viewed from above, image via Google Maps

The project follows Plaza's previous proposal for the site, which called for a 6-storey rental building in lieu of the parkland dedication now planned. While bearing similarity to the finalized project, Plaza's initial plan—where the two condo buildings were 32- and 24-storeys tall—also envisioned 5-storey additions to both existing slab towers. In lieu of the intensified rental uses initially planned, the project now features taller condo towers with more limited footprints—as they now directly abut the existing buildings—and new public parkland. 

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available, and the start of construction nears. In the meantime, you can learn more by checking out our dataBase file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts? Leave a comment on this page, or join the ongoing conversation in our associated Forum threads. 

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