It has been about two years since shoring began in the heart of Downtown Toronto for the construction of the Hariri Pontarini-designed Massey Tower Condos. At our last update in June, workers were shaping the lower podium levels for the 60-storey skyscraper developed by MOD Developments Inc. Jumping forward a season, work has progressed as photos from yesterday show the structure is now at the 8th level of the tower's 9-storey podium. 

Looking onto the site from the Eaton Centre Garage, image by Greg Lipinski

Given the site's narrow footprint and tight worksite in the densely built up Downtown, and in particular between two heritage banks—including the Canadian Bank of Commerce building from 1905 which will act as a grand residential entrance—construction during excavation through the atypical podium floors has taken longer than what would be a typical at a less constrained construction site. 

The crane, as seen from the Eaton Centre Garage, image by Greg Lipinski

The podium will include retail facing Yonge Street, to be located immediately north of the heritage bank building in a contrasting glass jewel box. Levels 3 through 7 will feature above-grade parking, accessed from a Victoria St driveway which leads to a car elevator and automated storage system. The top of the podium will consist of indoor and outdoor amenity spaces designed by Cecconi Simone for the building's residents, before the tower begins its ascent 679 feet into the sky. 

Looking southeast at the site, image by Greg Lipinski

Once the structure of the podium is complete, workers will then be able to begin on the residential floorplates. Smaller than the podium's floorplate, workers can assemble a floor about every four days as the layout typically repeats floor-after-floor. This is done by a pattern of pumping concrete over rebar and conduits, then flying the frames up to the next floor once the concrete has cured, then repeat the process again. 

Framing for the 8th floor of the podium, image by Greg Lipinski

It will take roughly a year from now before the tower is topped out at its final height. During that time, we will be looking for the first signs of the cladding to be installed, hopefully sooner rather than later, to satisfy our curiously to see how closely it will match the renderings. Either way, it will be fun to watch the slim Massey Tower gradually become visible from various vantage points throughout Downtown. 

Rendering of Massey Tower Condos, image courtesy of MOD Developments

We will keep you updated as the building begins rising into Toronto's ever changing skyline. In the meantime, more renderings and information can be found in our dataBase file, linked below. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this project in the comment section on this page, or join in the conversation in the associated Forum threads.

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