It has been a busy few months at the site of Bazis and Plaza's 1 Yorkville, a 58-storey, Roy Varacalli-designed condominium development under construction in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood. When we last checked in on the site's progress a little over three months ago, excavation was well underway for the project's four-level below-grade parking garage. In the time since, excavation has been completed, a tower crane has been installed, and the first elements of the tower's foundation have begun at the base of the pit.

Below grade construction underway at 1 Yorkville, image by Jack Landau

Following the late-October installation of a tower crane and grading of the base of the pit, the first foundation work recently commenced many metres below Yorkville Avenue. A rebar cage, which will provide reinforcement for the tower's concrete raft slab foundation, is now forming within a depression created in the centre of the pit. Further bundles of rebar await placement of the rods into the growing cage prior to the foundation pour. The cage marks the location of the tower's elevator core.

Rebar cage forming at the site of 1 Yorkville, image by Jack Landau

Following the formation of the foundation, work will commence on 1 Yorkville's P4 level, which will contain 36 of the project's 162 resident parking spaces. It is expected to take several months for the project's below-grade levels to rise back up to grade along Yorkville Avenue. Along the project's Yonge Street frontage, boarded up heritage storefronts currently await reincorporation into the intensified site.

Crane over the 1 Yorkville site, image by Jack Landau

In good company just a couple blocks north of architectural showpieces like One Bloor East and the coming The One, 1 Yorkville is one of only a few Toronto condominium towers doing something really different with their exterior. With its unique expressive twist on the common flat glass and steel skin, 1 Yorkville's three-dimensional cladding will catch and reflect light in ever changing patterns as the sun crosses the sky daily.

Skyline of 1 Yorkville, image courtesy of Bazis/Plaza

It is still several months away, but we look forward to watching 1 Yorkville join the ever-changing Bloor-Yorkville skyline. In the meantime, additional information and renderings can be found in our dataBase file, linked below. Want to get in on the discussion? Check out our associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page. 

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