With its glazing near fully installed, a new landmark is fast-approaching completion on Toronto's Bloor Street West. Exhibit Residences topped out at 32 storeys in 2015, and now the installation of the last pieces of balcony cladding is completing the architectural statement of the BazisMetropia, and Plaza development. 

Exhibit Residences viewed from the east on Bloor Street, image by Forum contributor Benito

The Rosario Varacalli-designed condominium tower's four volumes of shifting stacked cubes play off the deconstructivist aesthetic of the Studio Libeskind-designed ROM Crystal across Bloor Street to the south. The building's bold but simple look comes from walls recessed behind a balcony cladding treatment of ceramic fritted glass panels which appear virtually opaque from the sidewalk below. In the image below, just three missing panes of balcony glass remain to be installed on the tower's south and east facades, revealing the otherwise full effect of the tower's design.

Exhibit Residences viewed from Bloor Street, image by Forum contributor Benito

As of mid-September, suite finishing was underway within the tower's lower three "cubes", while rough-in work had begun on the uppermost volume. At the same time, finishing work for the building's lobby space and amenity spaces had commenced. At the centre of the image below, the building's lobby space is made visible by the orange glow. Flanking it are a pair of retail spaces, one of which will house a new McDonalds to replace the one which was demolished to make way for Exhibit.

Exhibit's Bloor Street frontage, image by Forum contributor Benito

All but one of the building's condominium units have been sold, with occupancy targeted to begin in Spring 2017. Sized at an impressive 2,386 ft2, the remaining unit is a two bedroom + library layout on the building’s upper floors.

Exhibit's south facade, image by Forum contributor Benito

We will keep you updated as the final stages of construction continue. In the meantime, more information is available in our dataBase file, linked below. Want to share your thoughts about the project? Leave a comment in the space below this page, or join in the conversation in our associated Forum threads.

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