The recent announcement of a park proposed to be built atop the rail corridor leading into Downtown Toronto from the west made waves last month, spurring the imagination of Torontonians with diagrams and renderings of the planned public space. While a design for the unfunded project has yet to be fleshed out, the curators of a coming major attraction called 'Our Home & Miniature Land' have drawn inspiration from the proposal. Just over 20 kilometres northwest of the proposed park site, the Mississauga build site of the future exhibit has transformed its mock-up of the rail corridor with an interpretation of how the proposed park could affect the cityscape.

Depiction of un-decked rail corridor at Our Home & Miniature Land, image by Jack Landau

While the positioning of structures and alignment of the rail corridor have both been modified to suit the model train layout, the park component—which can be easily installed and removed to show viewers the difference—underlines the impact of the proposal with an unofficial design concept featuring landscaping and other public amenities such as tennis courts.

Depiction of Rail Deck Park at Our Home & Miniature Land, image by Jack Landau

East of the Spadina Avenue rail overpass, a smaller section of partially-built decking depicts how the park could be constructed. This section reveals the underlying support structure for the rail decking, as well as the installation of fill and greenery atop the deck.

Depiction of Rail Deck Park at Our Home & Miniature Land, image by Jack Landau

For a comparison of the rail corridor with and without the decking present, we've created a video of the mockup.

There is much more to see at Our Home and Miniature Land, and we will be sure to return in the near future with an in-depth look at the attraction which is looking for a more central permanent home. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments field provided below, or join in the discussion by visiting the Forum thread for Rail Deck Park.