The area east of Wilson subway station on TTC Line 1 has been in a state of flux for some time. Recent developments such as Gramercy Park and The Station Condos have added new life to the area, while proposals like Rocket Condos promise future growth even closer to the station's entrance. Following the late-2015 OMB approval of a second phase just south of the Gramercy Park condominium, developer Malibu Investments is proposing another large residential development across the street from it on a 1.13 hectare site at 4-6 Tippett Road.

Southeast aerial view of 4-6 Tippett Road, image retrieved via submission to City of Toronto

The proposal calls for three towers rising from two podiums divided by a private road, replacing a warehouse building owned and operated by the Tippet-Richardson Limited moving company at 4 Tippett Road, and a one-storey converted warehouse building containing commercial units at 6 Tippett Road. The assembly would be divided into two parcels, with a private road separating the south first phase and north second phase. On the south parcel, a 16-storey residential building inclusive of a 6-storey U-shaped podium is proposed, while the north parcel would include 16 and 13-storey towers rising from a common 6-storey podium.

Southwest view from Tippett Road, image retrieved via submission to City of Toronto

A total of 651 residential units—25 of which will be affordable housing—are proposed between the two parcels, which would feature architecture by RAW Design. The three tower components would rise to heights of 54.95 metres, 54.6 metres, and 47.7 metres. 

West view from Tippett Rd., image retrieved via submission to City of Toronto

The buildings would be served by a 560-space underground garage consisting of 483 spaces for residents and 77 shared spaces for residential visitors and non-residential uses. 490 bicycle parking spaces are also proposed, including 442 long-term spaces and 48 short-term spaces. 4 additional car-share parking spaces would be located at street level.

Northwest aerial view of 4-6 Tippett Road, image retrieved via submission to City of Toronto

The north edge of the site would include a new public road, constructed on lands dedicated from the subject site and the adjacent Build Toronto-owned site to the north at 30 Tippett Road. Another major component in the development would be the the creation of a new 1,028 square metre public park at the northwest corner of the site, which will form the east portion of the larger neighborhood central park planned west of Tippett Road which would serve residents of all the new buildings in the cluster southeast of Wilson Station. 

South view of proposed park, image retrieved via submission to City of Toronto

In its current form, the proposal would require amendments to the City of Toronto Official Plan, former City of North York Zoning By-law 7625, and the City-wide Zoning By-law 569-2013 to go through. We will return with additional information as new details about the project emerge.

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