It has been just over one month since our most recent construction update on Neudorfer Corporation's Fuse and Fuse2 Condos. In the time since, the ongoing installation of cladding has brought the Barrett Architect and Burka Architects-designed development's 23-storey second phase closer to its final appearance. Meanwhile, it's finishing touches that are now being applied to the development's 27-storey first phase.

Fuse (left) and Fuse2 (right), image by Marcus Mitanis

Following the second phase tower's June topping-off, cladding details have rapidly materialized on the building's exterior. The first elements of cladding were spotted on Fuse2 back in May, when photos revealed the installation of cream-coloured precast concrete panels arranged in vertical piers. In the months since, these exterior details were joined by a brick cladding at the base of the tower, and most recently, the addition of dark-tinted window wall cladding with back-painted spandrel glass and dark grey mullion caps.

Cladding progress at Fuse2 Condos, image by Marcus Mitanis

These window wall panels now rise to roughly the halfway point of the tower, rising two levels above the nine-storey base. In the coming months, the installation of balcony glazing will give us our first glance at the final element of the structure's exterior envelope. 

Cladding progress at Fuse2 Condos, image by Marcus Mitanis

With the first phase of the development now closing in on completion, the last major change on the exterior will be the removal of the tower's construction hoist, which will be undertaken once all of the remaining heavy materials and appliances are hoisted up the tower and the residential elevators become operational.

Exterior construction hoist on the west side of Fuse Condos, image by Marcus Mitanis

Anchoring the taller first phase to the street, a restored and partially reconstructed industrial building will bring 4,885 square metres of commercial space to the Dupont and Lansdowne intersection with a new Metro grocery store, a Shoppers Drug Mart, and more.

Restored industrial base building at Fuse Condos, image by Marcus Mitanis

We will continue to follow the development here, but in the meantime, you can find additional information and renderings in our dataBase file for Fuse and Fuse2, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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