In recent months, we've closely followed the re-skinning and structural reinforcement of the 1968-built Global House office building, which will be a major element of Amexon Development Corporation's Residences of 488 University Avenue. Located at the northwest corner of Dundas and University, the 55-storey Core Architects-designed condominium development involves the retention, recladding, and structural strengthening of the existing 18-storey office tower by engineers Sigmund Soudack & Associate, allowing it to support the load of 37 new residential levels above.

Aerial view of Residences of 488 University Avenue, image by Jack Landau

Over the course of the past several months, the office building's original concrete grille facade has been disassembled using a custom-built hydraulic crane attachment, capable of attaching to the original facade sections to allow removal. All the while, work within the office building continues with the help of temporary partitions between the offices and exterior construction areas.

As sections of the facade were removed, a latticework of structural steel bracing was installed along the office building's exterior, with the bracing now reaching above the former roofline of the structure. These supports will connect with a yet-to-be-constructed load transfer slab. Act as a sort of tabletop, the load transfer slab will allow the load of the 37 residential levels above to be dispersed across the exterior of the existing structure, and down to the foundations below.

Residences of 488 University Avenue, image by Forum contributor steveve

As structural reinforcement continues, installation of the office building component's new curtain wall glazing has progressed to cover the first 8 levels of the building. The first three levels of the east facade (seen below) will eventually feature a glazed volume extending out to University Avenue, creating a new lobby space and an enclosed entrance to St. Patrick Subway Station.

Residences of 488 University Avenue, image by Forum contributor steveve

The development will include approximately 30,000 square feet of amenity spaces, with interiors appointed by interior designers II BY IV Design Associates, including a gym, party room, roof deck, and a sheltered outdoor swimming pool.

Rendering of the Residences of 488 University Avenue, image courtesy of Amexon

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