Another major development is preparing to add to the growing cluster of condominium towers near Kennedy Road and Highway 401 in Scarborough. Back in April, we discussed SAMM Developments' proposal to redevelop the existing Delta Toronto East Hotel at Kennedy Road and Village Green Square with a major new residential development dubbed 'The Kennedys'. With marketing for the three-tower project now underway, we are beginning to learn more about what will be a major influx of residential density.

Delta Toronto East and The Kennedys presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

The project—consisting of two 35-storey Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects condominiums towers and a future 45-storey phase—is now gearing up for its launch. Although interior renderings are not yet available, finishing touches are already being applied to the Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc-appointed presentation centre, just east of the current hotel entrance on Village Green Square.

The Kennedys presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

We got the opportunity to preview the space this week, accompanied by Tomas Pearce principal Melandro Quilatan and senior designer Brian M. Woodrow, learning about the future project's interior common spaces as we went. Guests stepping into the space are greeted by a bright check-in desk bearing the project's branding, connecting with a lounge area with comfortable seating.

“I think we’re very cognizant of how the sales office presents itself, and the dialogue that has to happen between what is tangible [in the presentation centre] versus what’s going to happen in the common areas of the building” said Quilatan, motioning towards the space’s check-in desk as a prime example. “You can see that the packaging for Chanel—white with black edges—took precedence in our initial design concepts, and we’ve applied that from an interior design standpoint on the concierge desk, the articulation of archways, and through cabinetry and pieces of furniture.”

Entering The Kennedys presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

The reception area and other parts of the presentation centre have been designed to represent the aesthetic of the approximately 7,000 square foot L-shaped lobby that will conjoin the two towers. The lobby will include a waiting area, sofas, coffee tables, chairs, and a concierge desk, all anchored by an electric fireplace capable of cycling through a range colours. Each of these elements is represented in the presentation centre’s entry area and adjacent lounge.

Lounge space in The Kennedys presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

The Kennedys' lobby will offer amenity spaces like a 3,500 square foot 'fireside lounge' and an equally sized 'waterside lounge.' According to Woodrow, “the two lobbies will act as a general gathering space—not just an entry lobby, but also a seating and working area. It will support a WiFi lounge, and will be very active and community oriented. It’s very hotel-like.”

The main space of the presentation centre is still a work in progress, though it already displays the furnishings that will eventually be moved into the completed lobby. As it stands, the space features a large central table, soon to support a scale model of the development as the space's centrepiece. Meanwhile, columns lining the space will be outfitted with LCD screens displaying information about the project.

Main space in The Kennedys presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

Lounge area within the main space in The Kennedys presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

The main area of the presentation centre is flanked by a private closing area on one side, and a similarly sized room that will soon display finish packages on the other side. Purchasers visiting the presentation centre will also be able to check out a kitchen vignette and two bathroom vignettes, depicting the fixtures and finishes available to purchasers within the development. Pictured below, the kitchen vignette shows an upgraded model, and features integrated appliances and high quality finishes for counters and backsplashes. 

Kitchen vignette in The Kennedys presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

Two bathroom vignettes offer distinctly different finish packages, with a standard finish package featuring a lighter palette and an upgraded vignette favouring darker tones. The standard vignette shows a handful of features not typically found in a standard package, including quartz countertops, soft-close cabinetry, floating vanities, full tile walls, integrated sconces, and glass shower enclosures.

Bathroom vignette in The Kennedys presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

Below, the upgraded vignette builds upon these features with more luxurious elements, including marble-clad walls.

Upgraded bathroom vignette in The Kennedys presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

The development will offer its residents an approximately 8,500 square foot amenity level on the fifth floor, containing a swimming pool, an extensive gymnasium, a karaoke room, a chef's kitchen, and a multipurpose room, as well as an outdoor terrace. As with the lobby, spaces within the project’s amenity level are represented within the presentation centre.  Seen below, the bar space is meant to represent the chef’s kitchen.

Bar (left) in the presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

Although renderings of the interior amenity spaces have yet to be released to the public, we were offered a sneak peek at a few of the concept illustrations for the interior spaces, including the pool on the 5th floor and the lobby itself.

Illustration of the pool at The Kennedys, image by Jack Landau

Illustration of the lobby at The Kennedys, image by Jack Landau

We we will be sure to return with additional details as new information emerges. In the meanwhile, you can see renderings and project details in the associated dataBase file, linked below. Want to get in on the discussion? You can check out the dataBase file, linked below, and you can get in on the conversation in the associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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