With registrations underway for Aragon's Eighty One Wellesley, work is continuing at the project's presentation centre in Toronto's Church-Wellesley Village. We had the opportunity to preview the pavilion this week to learn more of the project's details, including the finishes to be offered for suites in the 28-storey, Core Architects-designed condominium tower.

Eighty One Wellesley's presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

Stepping inside, visitors will be greeted at a reception area and main room filled with an abundance of natural light, streaming in from overhead skylights. The large central space is lined with colourful graphics, maps, and information about the surrounding Church-Wellesley Village and the nearby Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood to the northwest. 

Inside the Eighty One Wellesley presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

During our visit, the room's centrepiece—a scale model of Eighty One Wellesley—was being assembled by a technician from Myles Burke Architectural Models. Below, a closer look reveals sections of the scale model's interior lighting system midway up the tower and on the unfinished upper levels, with the exterior shell of the upper floors visible on the adjacent table in the image above. 

Scale model of the development being assembled, image by Jack Landau

Two model suites are presented, each featuring interiors and staging by Aragon's in-house design team. Each suite displays a different range of tones, with one unit utilizing lighter finishes and furnishings, and the other unit featuring warmer tones. 

Model suite at the Eighty One Wellesley presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

Model suite at the Eighty One Wellesley presentation centre, image by Jack Landau

The suites—which we will explore in greater detail in a future article—give visitors a look at the finishes and design possibilities for the project's 179 units. A room connecting the model suites displays the three finish packages on offer. The "light" and "warm" finish packages from above are joined by a third "dark" package, not featured in the model suites.

Finish packages on display, image by Jack Landau

Suites will range in size from 439 ft² to 1,107 ft², and start in the low $300,000s. We will return soon to get a fuller picture of what is on offer here, but in the meantime, make sure to check out our dataBase file, linked below for plenty of renderings and other information. Want to share your thoughts about the project? Leave a comment in the space at the bottom of this page, or to join in the ongoing discussion in the associated Forum threads.

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