Designed by Toronto-based Studio JCI, Hill and Dale Residences is set to add new vibrancy—and flair—to the highly sought-after intersection of Yonge and Roxborough. Straddling the border of Summer(Hill) and Rose(Dale), the boutique mixed-use development will bring together retail, office space, and luxury residences, adapting an existing red brick building into a potential architectural showpiece for the neighbourhood. 

Looking east, Hill and Dale Residences, image courtesy of Old Stonehenge / Clifton Blake Group

To get a better understanding of the project's impact, we spoke to Old Stonehenge President Michael Dobrijevic, who described Hill and Dale as one of Toronto's few "really pure mixed-use developments." Specializing in retail partnerships, Old Stonehenge—partnering with the Clifton Blake Group—brings a carefully curated approach to each project, customizing spaces to create the best possible environment for each retailer to operate. When done right, "retail gives a real dynamic to the residential project, helping to create a live-work-play neighbourhood," Dobrijevic tells us. 

Looking north on Yonge Street, image courtesy of Old Stonehenge / Clifton Blake Group

By working closely with retail tenants to provide bespoke spaces, Old Stonehenge's approach aims to avoid the problems that many new developments face at ground level. While many condo developments promise a vibrant presence, the finished product is often found lacking in street-level dynamism. Dobrijevic explains that Old Stonehenge's more tailored approach helps "retailers work in the urban core," while the inclusion of office space at Hill and Dale adds to the neighbourhood's 24-hour appeal.

A closer view of the street level, image courtesy of Old Stonehenge / Clifton Blake Group

With "10,000 ft² of rental office space above the retail area," Dobrijevic hopes that the development introduces new round-the-clock vibrancy to the area. Above that, Hill and Dale's 17 residences—ranging in size from 871 ft² to 3,634 ft²—will feature interiors appointed by Chapi Chapo Design, with many suites boasting panoramic views of the Rosedale ravine to the east. 

Looking south on Yonge Street, image courtesy of Old Stonehenge / Clifton Blake Group

The luxurious residential component of the development represents a relatively rare instance of new density in the established neighbourhood. Adding a new residential presence without overwhelming the area's established urban scale, the high-end units provide both an exclusive entry point to the neighbourhood and a convenient option for downsizers who want to remain in the area. As Paul Johnston explained in our previous coverage, "the suites are envisioned as homes where you can move in your 10 or 12-person dining room table, and maintain that lifestyle."

West on Roxborough, image courtesy of Old Stonehenge / Clifton Blake Group

Hill and Dale's by-appointment showroom is now set to provide prospective residents a preview of the suites, with a registration page available on the project's official website. Over the coming months, we will return with more details of the project as they become available. In the meantime, make sure to check out our associated dataBase file for more information. Want to share your thoughts on the development? You can join in on the conversation in our associated Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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