Despite an abundance of new investor condominium units coming online, rental units in Toronto remain in high demand. At the northwest corner of Bathurst and Dewbourne, a block south of Eglinton Avenue and the future Forest Hill Crosstown LRT Station, rental property developer Eldebron Holdings is aiming to intensify a site currently occupied by two 3.5-storey apartment buildings with (a combined) 58 rental units plus an adjacent two-storey multi-dwelling home containing 4 units.

1996-2000 Bathurst Street, image retrieved from Apple Maps

In their place, the property owner plans to build two 6-storey, Quadrangle Architects-designed rental buildings separated by a mid-block laneway, containing 11 bachelor, 66 one-bedroom, and 38 two-bedroom apartments, for a combined 115 rental units.

The buildings would feature a modern design utilizing dark grey brick on the lower two levels, with levels 3 through 6 sporting a mix of light coloured cement panels and terracotta coloured fibre cement panels. Repeating vertical volumes on the buildings' east side will feature unique punched window arrangements, helping to break up the bulk of the 109.4 metre Bathurst Street frontage.

1996-2000 Bathurst Street, image courtesy of the City of Toronto

The land would be redeveloped in two phases, with 'Phase A' to rise on the northern half of the site, and 'Phase B' on the southern half. Phase A is proposed at a height of 18.6 metres to the top of the 6th floor, and 22 metres to the top of the mechanical penthouse. Phase B is proposed at a height of 19.1 metres to the top of the 6th floor, and 22.9 metres to the top of the mechanical penthouse. 

East elevation, 1996-2000 Bathurst Street, image courtesy of the City of Toronto

The first two levels of the development would be set back between 2.2 and 2.4 metres from the east property line, with the levels above cantilevered out to create a 1.5 metre overhang. The rear of the buildings will be terraced, with step backs on the 4th, 5th, and 6th levels to help transition to massing down to meet the low-rise character of the single-family homes to the west. The south end of Phase B, fronting Dewbourne Avenue, step backs on the fourth and fifth levels to bring the massing to a similar height of Holy Blossom Temple, situated to the south across Dewbourne.

Both phases' mechanical penthouse levels will be further recessed, with Phase B's set back 5.4 metres on the east and 3.5 metres on the west. Phase A's will be set back 5.4 metres from the east and 3.6 metres from the west. 

South elevation, 1996-2000 Bathurst Street, image courtesy of the City of Toronto

The development will be served by a two-level below grade parking structure extending beneath both buildings, containing 56 residential and 10 visitor parking spaces. There will be an additional two car-share spaces located on the surface at the rear of the property.

Residents of the development would have access to 297 square metres of indoor amenity space, divided between the ground floors of Phases A and B. Athe southwest corner of Phase B, a 103 square metre sunken outdoor amenity space will feature greenery and steps leading to the laneway to the west.

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