Over the last few moths, we've introduced Zinc Developments' 35 Wabash, a boutique townhouse condominium project that will bring 62 family-friendly homes to Toronto's vibrant Roncesvalles Village neighbourhood. While our previous stories highlighted the architectural design of the project, with Zinc's video also providing a tour of amenities and interior spaces, we now bring you a closer look at some of the project's floorplans, which give prospective residents a more precise idea of what to expect.

A rendering of the project, image courtesy of Zinc

The four-storey building is designed in a stacked townhouse configuration, with split-level 'sky' and 'garden' style suites respectively occupying the upper and lower levels. While the upper-level 'sky' units stand out for their spacious rooftop terraces (below), the lower-level units feature private backyard gardens.

An aerial view of the upper-level 'sky' lounges, image courtesy of Zinc

The development—by architects RAW Design—also features interiors appointed by The Design Agency, which are characterized by a sleek, modern design accented by warm wood tones. Indoor and outdoor exercise/yoga spaces are also featured in the building, which combines the centralized maintenance and amenity space of a condo, with the split-level privacy of a detached home.

A modern, wood-toned interior at 35 Wabash, image courtesy of Zinc

With units ranging up to 1,622 square feet in size—not including up to 500 square feet of outdoor space—many of 35 Wabash's split-level suites provide exceptionally family-friendly new housing in an urban market largely dominated by smaller condos, as evidenced by the spacious three-bedroom layout below.

The layout of a 1,622 square foot three-bedroom 'sky lounge' suite, image courtesy of Zinc

The three-bedroom suite seen above features two outdoor spaces, with the lower-level dining room overlooking a generously-sized terrace and a large rooftop lounge—complete with a built-in sink and chrome barbecue—overlooking the city beyond.

A 'sky lounge' featuring an in-built gas barbecue and a panoramic city view, image courtesy of Zinc

A slightly smaller 1,416 square foot suite—featuring an additional 379 square feet of exterior space—features a similar interior configuration (below). Like the larger suite above, the interior spaces are divided between a communal lower level and a second floor devoted to bedrooms.

A 1,416 square foot 'sky lounge' suite, image courtesy of Zinc

The lower levels of each suite also feature small powder rooms, with full bathrooms—as well as master-bedroom ensuites—on the upper floor. The floorpan for one a 1,362 square foot 'garden' suite (below), meanwhile, features a sizeable backyard on the ground level, with two bedrooms and a den—which, the floorpan suggests, can be used a sleeping space—on the upper floor.

Floorpan for a 1,362 square foot 'garden' suite, image courtesy of Zinc

With the start of construction approaching, we will keep you updated as 35 Wabash begins to take shape. In the meantime, check out our associated dataBase file for additional information and more renderings. Want to share your thoughts on the project? Join in the conversation on our Forum, or leave a comment in the space below this page. 

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