On November 27, work stopped briefly for a luncheon at a new condominium tower rising high into the sky of Toronto's Financial Core. The reason for the event? INDX Condos is now just about as high as it will get, and every worker who had a hand in helping create the structure thus far was invited to celebrate their achievement. With the Lifetime and CentreCourt development now about to top off, UrbanToronto toured the project ahead of last Friday's event with CentreCourt's Senior VP Shamez Virani.

Our tour previewed the project's interiors, while Virani celebrated the positive impact that INDX is set to have on the increasingly vibrant Financial District, taking in the panoramic views from the atop the 54-storey tower (as presented in an earlier story), and getting a preview of the amenity spaces and suites, some of which are now in the latter stages of construction.

INDX Condos rises into Financial District skyline, image by Craig White

Designed by Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects, INDX is bringing 798 condominium suites to the heart of the Financial District, providing a substantial influx of residential density to what had been an almost entirely office-oriented part of the city throughout much of the 20th century. "Our hope is for the Financial District to become a 24-hour neighbourhood," Virani tells us, envisioning the area's continued evolution.

Shame Virani toured UrbanToronto through the under-construction tower, image by Jack Landau

"In recent years, area has already become much more lively, however," Virani adds, noting that an influx of residential density is in the process of transforming the Financial District into a more complete neighbourhood. "It's come a long way, even over the course of the years that we've been working on INDX, a lot of positive change has already happened," Virani continues, noting recent developments such as Living Shangri-La and the Trump Tower as instrumental in bringing new life to the Downtown core.

Looking west from INDX, a heavily densifying condo landscape is dominated by Shangri-La, image by Jack Landau

"Alongside new residential developments, we've also seen retail, cafes, and restaurants popping up with increasing frequency," Virani tells us, "and the area is already much more vibrant than it was a few years ago." Along Temperance Street alone, new businesses such as Dineen Coffee, and restaurants Chase Oyster Bar and Little Fin, have invigorated the area, with more businesses such as the Italian-inspired bakery Sud Forno—coming to Bay Adelaide East—soon set to open. 

A view of the ground level along Sheppard Street, image by Craig White

"The influx of new businesses has brought a new character to the area, and INDX will contribute to the area through our partnership with Boxcar Social, which will bring a unique cafe-bar ambiance to our ground level," Virani adds. The cafe—which has outposts in Rosedale and Riverside—combines a third-wave espresso bar with a carefully curated wine, beer, and whiskey menu. "It contributes to a 24-hour community that we're building in the Financial District, making it into a more lively and inviting neighbourhood," Virani tells us.

Looking northeast from the 53rd floor, image by Jack Landau

While the Financial District has begun to benefit from an infusion of new residential density, "INDX stands out for being more accessible to younger, up-and-coming professionals," Virani notes—touring us through the upper floors (above)—differentiating the project from the extremely high-end condo-hotel towers that have populated the Financial District in recent years. "Not only is this project more accessible to buyers, it also caters to a demographic that's likely to bring the most vibrancy to the area," Virani adds, underlining a firm belief in catering to younger buyers.

The sleek kitchens features built-in appliances and dark cabinetry, image by Jack Landau

On the tower's lower levels, many of the suites are now nearing completion, evidencing a sleek, dark-toned ambiance. Featuring high-end appliances—including wine fridges—and spacious cabinetry, the kitchens' luxurious aesthetic is also reflected in the dark flooring, lending the Cecconi Simone-appointed interiors what Virani terms an almost "aggressive" ambiance.

Speaking at what will be the gym, Virani congratulates the construction crews on their work, image by Craig White

Meanwhile, the topping-off party—held in what is set to be the building's 4,000 square-foot gym—acknowledged the hard work of the construction crews, with representatives from Lifetime and Centrcourt joining teams of workers for a celebratory lunch. 

The topping-off party celebrates the construction crews, image by Craig White

On the other side of the podium, meanwhile, the amenity area will feature an elegant "supper club" style lounge, with sleek, dark-toned interiors matching the aesthetic of the tower's suites (below). Lifetime's Vice President Brian Brown expressed a priority to create "sociable amenity and retail areas," fostering a sense of community among residents and visitors that "will also translate into an increasingly lively and vibrant Financial District." 

INDX's lounge is set to take shape as interior progress begins to ramp up, image by Jack Landau

We will continue to keep you updated as the project nears completion. In the meantime, visit our INDX Condos dataBase file for a comprehensive collection of building facts and renderings, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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