Stunning new images of the Bergeron Centre, Lassonde School of Engineering at York University highlight the level of completion achieved since our last update, the structure now complete both inside and out, with only some minor landscaping yet to be finished. Nicknamed "The Cloud," both for its outward appearance and for its clever use of free-flowing, open-concept study spaces, the ZAS Architects-designed, 169,000 square foot structure has succeeded in bringing a state-of-the-art facility to York University. 

Bergeron Centre as seen from the front, image by Forum contributor Salsa

Glass panel work close-up, Bergeron Centre, York University, image by Forum contributor Salsa

As seen in the images above and below, the Bergeron Centre is now complete. The close-up view of the intricate glass panelling showcases the playful creative touches that help make the new Lassonde School of Engineering a truly inspiring space for students and faculty alike. 

Bergeron Centre from the back, image by Forum contributor Salsa

Bergeron Centre, front entrance with red soffit, image by Forum contributor Salsa

The front entranceway includes a pop of colour, the red soffit above the main doors providing a contrast to the rest of the otherwise neutral exterior scheme. Once inside (a first for UrbanToronto now that the structure is open to the public), the main foyer reveals an angular utilitarian, industrial chic space, accented by an unfinished ceiling decorated with modern light fixtures and triangular decorative panels which would double as a sound absorption measure. 

Inside the Bergeron Centre, image by Forum contributor Salsa

The main entranceway is largely taken up by the grand staircase, seen below, which leads to the second level of the Cloud, bringing students to the large feature study space towards the rear of the building. 

Main staircase, image by Forum contributor Salsa

Upstairs view, including signature window panels, image by Forum contributor Salsa

The final interior shot below, showing a hallway, reveals again the interplay of bright colours below the purposely more muted tones of the unfinished ceiling. 

Hallway leading to classrooms and study spaces, image by Forum contributor Salsa

Back outside for one last look, it is clear that while the structure may be complete and fully operational, the landscaping has yet to be completed. Once finished, the Bergeron Centre of the Lassonde School of Engineering will present a welcome architectural highpoint at York University.

Bergeron Centre in context at York University's Keele Campus, image by Forum contributor Salsa

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