With every passing month, Toronto's Downtown core fills with new residential density, as condo towers continue to populate the growing skyline. However, while the influx of towers and new Torontonians has brought vibrancy and excitement to the city, the suite sizes of some recent condo projects have been criticized for their relatively cramped footprints (which seem to get smaller on average with every passing year) and dull, uninspired layouts. Yet, outside of the core's rising cluster of towers, Aragon's Enigma on the Park offers a uniquely configured collection of loft-style suites and townhouses in a Quadrangle Architects-designed project brimming with character.

a rendering of the project, image courtesy of Aragon Properties

The 9-storey development brings a declaratively bold aesthetic to the Bloordale area, assertively rising on the northern edge of McGregor Park. Characterized by a distinctively patterned exterior, the mixed-use project will bring 86 new units to the trendy neighbourhood, while a three-storey office building will protect the residential units from the noise of the neighbouring railway, maintaining a tranquil ambiance for Enigma's homes. 

While the project's exterior is perhaps its most immediately eye-catching feature, a look at the suites reveals a varied and carefully individualized approach to the design of each unit. With over 40 unit layouts throughout the building, the 86 suite project evidences a highly customized approach to suite design.

An interior rendering showing the reclaimed brick wall, image courtesy of Aragon Properties

Enigma's eclectic collection of suites ranges in size from 420 to 1,576 square feet, arranged in one-to-three bedroom configurations. Most suites feature 9' ceilings, with walls accented by reclaimed brick, giving the otherwise sleek interiors a note of rustic charm through a discrete nod to the area's industrial past.

A layout of T10, image courtesy of Aragon Properties

Enigma's angular exterior means that each unit has to carefully configured to fit the shifting floor plates. as such, the suite layouts evidence a sensitive understanding of space, with each unit design maximizing use of space despite the irregular angles. For example, the 576 square-foot T10 layout (above) sees the interior carefully configured to meet the angled walls, with the kitchen and balcony making efficient use of available space.

Layout of the 944 square foot U5 suite, image courtesy of Aragon Properties

The angled walls also infuse the individualized interiors with a subtle kinetic energy, in contrast to the rectangular boxes that fill most modern towers. On the lower levels, larger townhouse-inspired units feature a split-level configuration (below), with the spacious layouts comfortable accommodating families and larger households. Unlike the upper-level units, the more rectangular townhouses are comparatively traditional in layout, providing many of the benefits of a detached home within a condominium setting. 

A layout of the 1,506 square foot TH3 townhouse, image courtesy of Aragon Properties

With the project now under construction, we will return with regular updates as the 9-storey development begins to take shape. In the meantime, check out our dataBase file for more renderings, as well as a comprehensive listing of floorpans. Want to share your thoughts about the project? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page, or contribute to the discussion on one of our Forums, linked below.  

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