We've been popping in to see progress at Cloud9 Condominiums by the Lash Group as it gets closer to completion in Toronto's Rexdale area. Last time we visited a few months ago, we checked out one unit, storey by storey as it went from being a concrete shell on the top floor to being fully outfitted on the bottom floor, and we also watched over their shoulders as bricklayers practiced their craft on the exterior of the building.

Cloud9 Condominiums on Kipling in North Etobicoke, image by Craig White

Today we are back for an update in advance of the first occupancies on October 14, checking out how everything is coming along in the Richmond Architects-designed building.

Cloud9 Condominium towns and suite balconies above, image by Craig White

The exterior of the building is looking pretty good. With the brick and precast cladding done, and the window glazing long since completed, the balcony glazing is now being installed. In the image above, you'll see both a completed balcony (on the top floor of the photo), and railings installed, still awaiting glass panels. The railings, also seen in the image below, fulfill new building code requirements for to keep glass balcony panels on the balconies. The panels—now heat soaked, a treatment which has been added to the process to render the glass virtually shatterproof—will be fitted into rubber gaskets which sit in upper and lower channels in the railings. The rubber will provide both a firm grip as well as flexibility when buffeted by wind. 

Front gardens of Cloud9 Condominium towns, image by Craig White

At ground level, town suites facing Esther Lorrie Drive are all getting gardens and a patio space. Seen above in line and below in close-up, the gardens are plumbed and will be part of the condominium's common elements, so that lush plantings will keep the appearance of the building beautiful to the street. Iron fences and gates will be installed over the concrete curbs.

Front gardens of Cloud9 Condominium towns, image by Craig White

At the corner of Kipling Avenue and Esther Lorrie Drive is an entrance to the building—not the main drive-up entrance on the other side of the building, but one from which residents can get quick access the TTC bus stops outside the door (look, there just happens to be a Wilson 96 bus heading south along Kipling in the right-background of the photos), or from where they can stroll down Kipling to the nearby plaza.

Kipling Avenue entrance to Cloud9 Condominium, image by Craig White

The lobby for the Kipling entrance includes a cloud motif on the ceiling.

Inside the Kipling Avenue entrance to Cloud9 Condominium, image by Craig White

Since we went through suites in the last visit, we'll skip them this time, and instead drop down a level to check out the underground garage. Its walls have been painted, and a waterproof membrane has been applied to the concrete (that's what's on the floor in the foreground), while a top layer of paint with grit in it to provide a non-slip surface is now being applied (that's the reflective gray paint in the left background).

Inside the garage at Cloud9 Condominium, image by Craig White

At ground level there's a lobby and party room now being readied for use—with those amenities aiming to be finished in advance of the first October move-ins—but all the way up top, the pool is going to be another month or so. It, along with the gym just behind it in the photo below, will have a skyline view over the mostly low-rise neighbourhoods stretching out to the south. Downtown Toronto's skyscrapers make an appearance on the horizon on less cloudy days than yesterday!

Still working on the pool at Cloud9 Condominiums, image by Craig White

On the north end of the roof there will be both green-roof space, quite a bit of which is already planted below left, while on the right will be a deck. Patio pavers have been delivered, (stacked on the left), and are about to be laid down.

Green roof and future patio at Cloud9 Condominiums, image by Craig White

With construction wrapping up over the coming months, and with about a dozen more suites remaining available in Cloud9, the Lash Group is unveiling some incentives to move those units. Right now, you can purchase a one-bedroom or one-bedroom plus den suite from 515 to 638 sq. ft., starting from only $239,990. For a limited time only, purchasers will receive 10% cashback, parking for just $5,000, and only 5% down, helping make real the dream of homeownership for those who act in time.

If you want to know more about Cloud9, the link below to our dataBase will take you to where you can get more information about a potential purchase. Want to talk about the building? Choose one of the associated Forum thread links, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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