In the next few weeks Ten York Street Condos, designed by Wallman Architects for Tridel, will reach grade. This will be a major milestone for what will eventually become a 735 ft, 65-storey, 725-unit condo tower, which will sit upon an impressive, multi-storey, glass curtain-walled lobby and retail space. To open in 2017, Ten York will offer residents a prime downtown location—nestled close to the Gardiner Expressway to the North, and Harbour Street to the South—which will provide a convenient proximity to the Central Waterfront, Financial District, and Union Station. The unique, triangular, wedge shape of the podium, to be mirrored in part by the tower, will make it possible for the structure to fit snugly into its equally wedged-shaped plot. 

Ten York, image courtesy of Wallman Architects for Tridel

Recent photos of the excavation site reveal construction of the garage levels now underway:

Ten York approaches grade, image by G.L. 17

Ten York nestled between the Gardiner and Lakeshore Blvd., image by G.L. 17

The following images further highlight the progress that has been made, while the second image helps provide some context with the entire build site revealed against the length of the Gardiner Expressway to the North, the Jarvis Exit sign visible at the top of the picture:

Elevator shaft emerging from Ten York excavation site, image by drum118

Fisheye lens view of entire Ten York build site, with Gardiner along the top, image by drum118

Ten York will place residents in close proximity to downtown attractions such as the ACC as well as the nearby Harbourfront Centre, and Union Station. Seen below, the crane towers over the Gardiner Expressway, of which residents on the north side will have a commanding, overhead view:

Crane at Ten York towers over the nearby Gardiner Expressway, image by drum118

With progress moving steadily, it should not be long before Ten York rises above grade. Expect the in-bound skyline view from the Gardiner to become even denser as the tower begins to rise later this year. UrbanToronto will keep readers posted with more Ten York updates to come. See our dataBase, linked below, for more information on this project, or choose the associated Forum thread link to get in on the discussion. You can always leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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