Opened earlier this year, the new Ryerson Student Learning Centre has given students of the university an impressive new study space, and has given Yonge Street a new landmark. We closely followed the construction of the Snøhetta and Zeidler Partnership Architects-designed building from the start of activity in 2012, to the opening of the facility early this year. While our coverage provided insight into the specifics of the building's construction, a new time lapse video captured from an aerial webcam, shows us the complete process from start to finish.

The first fifteen seconds of the video show the project's shoring and excavation stages. At the 0:15 second mark, a portable crane appears, and the process of installing the tower crane begins. At about 0:33 seconds, the first upward construction of the building's below-grade levels becomes apparent, and by 0:40, construction can be seen rising above grade. At the 1:22 mark, the first panels of cladding can be seen along the building's west facade, and by 1:40, the building is topped off and almost fully sealed off by cladding. Just a few seconds later, at 1:43, disassembly begins on the tower crane, and at the 1:47 mark, the temporary hoist follows suit. By 1:52, the last panels of cladding have covered up the spaces where the temporary hoist had been disassembled. The final frames of the video show the installation of the building's signature blue soffit over the main entrance at Yonge and Gould.

Rendering of the Ryerson Student Learning Centre, image courtesy of Ryerson University

If you haven't been into the building yourself yet, you can check out our video shot on opening day:

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