As residents continue to populate Lamb Development CorpNiche Development, and Harhay Developments' new Theatre Park condominium in Toronto's Entertainment District, many finishing touches are still being applied to the 47-storey architectsAlliance-designed tower.

Theatre Park viewed from David Pecaut Square, image by Craig White

Much of the diagonally banded cladding on the building's east and west façades has been installed, though there are still several sections left to come and others to be realigned before the effect is fully realized. Replacement windows are another obvious feature for some panes which were broken during construction is also coming soon.

West façade of Theatre Park, image by Craig White

Of late, the most visible recent change to the building's exterior has been the newly blue hue of the mechanical penthouse's glazing, more closely reflecting the colour of the main tower cladding.

Upper levels and mechanical penthouse of Theatre Park, image by Craig White

We reached out to Chris Harhay, President of Harhay Construction Management Ltd., for some insight into the change.

"The building's mechanical penthouse glass was designed to be a different glass colour from the lower tower glass (this is a similar accent condition to the west face of Shangri-la to the north of us). Upon installation, though, we felt the glass had more of a green tint than we wanted. We are therefore just applying a treatment to the glass to neutralize/reduce the green and obtain the colour effect we think best compliments the building."

Upper levels and mechanical penthouse of Theatre Park, image by Craig White

We look forward to the completion of the work on the glazing, the banding, and the podium at street level.

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