The transformative effects of gentrification are being felt all over the east side of Toronto, as neighbourhoods and commercial strips once seen as less than desirable attract new interest and investment. The historic Broadview Hotel, located on the northwest corner of Queen and Broadview, was built as Dingman's Hall in 1891, before being converted into a hotel in 1907. The hotel and surrounding neighbourhood slipped into decline during the following decades, and by the latter half of the 20th century the listed heritage building had become a rooming house with a strip club, Jilly's, occupying the base. 

Streetcar Developments purchased the deteriorating building in May 2014, Jilly's closed, the tenants above relocated, and the new owner announced their intention to preserve the property and convert it into a boutique hotel. 

Work under way at the Broadview Hotel, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor slicecom

Work has since commenced on the gutting and the structural reinforcement of the building, as well as the removal of tacked-on exterior elements like signage and metal fire escape stairs, all part of the restoration work being overseen by heritage specialists ERA Architects

Work under way at the Broadview Hotel, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor slicecom

Once construction is complete, the new boutique hotel will feature 57 guest rooms, a new rooftop bar, an executive suite within the peaked corner tower, and a new ground floor restaurant. Like the Gladstone Hotel and Drake Hotel west of Downtown, the Broadview Hotel has the potential to become an important cultural hub for this community, a purpose the building originally served when constructed almost 125 years ago.

Diagram showing scope of work at the Broadview Hotel

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