The downtown core of Toronto has become a hotbed of development, with new office buildings and skyscrpaing condominium towers popping up in nearly every corner. The city is growing in further out places too, especially in spots well served by transit, where the new buildings are just not quite so tall. Tridel's One Old Mill & Two Old Mill condominiums are 12 and 10-storey buildings designed by Kirkor Architects and located in a mixed mid-rise/low-rise stretch of Bloor West Village, 20 minutes by subway from Downtown.

It has been nearly a year and a half since we last looked at the progress at One and Two Old Mill, and a lot has changed since. For starters, the taller of the two buildings, One Old Mill, is fully completed with suites now being occupied.

A view of One Old Mill from the corner of Bloor Street West and Riverview Gardens, image by Craig White

Two Old Mill is still under construction. The cranes that once towered over the west-end neighbourhood have been taken down, the building is topped off, the glazing and cladding installation is done, so the end of construction and the start of occupation is in sight for Two Old Mill. 

Temporary balcony railings still in place, soon to be replaced, image by Craig White

There are still some finishing touches that construction workers have to attend to on the exterior, for example the temporary balcony barriers, seen on the upper floors in the image above, have yet to be replaced with permanent railings.

Hoist at Two Old Mill, image by Craig White

The hoist, utilized to lift both construction workers and materials, remains in place as workers complete the finishing touches to the interior of Two Old Mill. We will go inside the buildings in the coming week and have a report back to you on the state of progress in the suites and the various amenities that residents will enjoy.

A view of the One Old Mill and Two Old Mill development from Bloor Street/Humber River bridge, image by Craig White

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