It has been a few months since we last checked in on the construction progress at Metropia, Bazis, and Plaza's Exhibit Residences, a new condominium tower rising on Bloor Street West where Yorkville meets The Annex, steps west of Avenue Road. When we featured the 32-storey Rosario Varacalli-designed development towards the end of 2014, cladding tests were under way to determine the final finishes on the tower's exterior. Different tones of window wall cladding were being tested alongside balcony glazing panels sporting two different patterns of ceramic frit. In the time since, a clear window wall framed in vertical dark grey mullions has been selected for the main building envelope, while the balconies look like they will be finished in glass featuring a near-opaque frit.

Exhibit Residences viewed from the south side of Bloor, image by Edward Skira

The contrast between the dark mullioned window wall and the fritted white balcony glazing is quite pronounced, and the combination should look quite sharp once more of the finish is applied. A closer look at the balcony glazing reveals that the two patterns featured in our previous article have been taken down and replaced with panels featuring a more evenly applied frit with less transparency. One panel, seen second from the right in the image below, features a much brighter finish than surrounding panels, meaning that the final balcony cladding may still be up for debate.

Detail shot showing the cladding at Exhibit Residences, image by Edward Skira

Window wall cladding now covers four levels of Exhibit, with the newer, higher floors still exposed to the elements.

Exhibit Residences viewed from the east on Bloor, image by Edward Skira

Work on the tower itself is also progressing. With the 8th level now under way, the project will soon speed up significantly. This is due to the fact that Exhibit's parking garage—located above grade in a hidden eight-storey garage to the rear of the main tower—will soon be finished. Starting with the 9th level, the repetitive tower floors, half the size of the podium, will be able to be built at a much faster rate.

Exhibit Residences viewed from the west on Bloor, image by Edward Skira

Additional information and renderings of a complete Exhibit Residences can be found in our dataBase file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out Exhibit's associated Forum threads, or leave a comment in the section provided at the bottom of this page.

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