We have been keeping a close eye on The Daniels Corporation's new condo development on Bloor Street West, across from High Park. The 14-storey, Diamond Schmitt Architects-designed HighPark Condominiums topped off late last year, and since then, the installation of the building's exterior cladding has made significant progress.

Daniels' HighPark Condominiums viewed from Bloor Street, image by Marcus Mitanis

Flanking HighPark Condos' central courtyard, several thousand square feet of retail space are being included on the two arms of the building's ground floor. One of these spaces is to be claimed as the first Toronto location of 7 Enoteca, a popular Italian restaurant from Oakville. Glazing of the retail spaces can be seen over the sidewalk hoarding above.

Daniels' HighPark Condominiums viewed from the east on Bloor Street, image by Marcus Mitanis

Brick work is visible on HighPark's two nine-storey arms which jut south towards the park from the building's main volume. As mentioned in a previous article, real bricks are being used for the façades of the arms, creating a warm and rich vibe.

Daniels' HighPark Condominiums viewed from the southeast on Bloor Street, image by Marcus Mitanis

A large protective tarpaulin now covers the building's west façade, allowing bricklayers to continue the masonry work in relative warmth despite the winter cold outside the tarps. A smaller area sealed off against the weather can be seen on the east façade in the previous image.

Daniels' HighPark Condominiums viewed from the west on Bloor Street, image by Marcus Mitanis

Cladding installation is also progressing on the north side of the building, where a buff brick covers the ground floor, reflecting the aesthetic of the mid-20th century high-rise apartment blocks found throughout the High Park neighbourhood. Above the buff brick, the cladding switches to a light glass spandrel, but the final look of the building will not be established until after the installation of the balcony glass.

Looking west along the rear of Daniels' HighPark Condominiums, image by Marcus Mitanis

Additional information and renderings can be found in our dataBase file for HighPark Condominiums, linked below. Want to get in on the discussion? You can get add your voice in the associated Forum threads, or by leaving a comment in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

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