Davisville Avenue is a testament of post-war modernist architecture, an enclave of high-rises on the edge of a low-rise residential area. Located in the immediate surroundings of the subway station, Davisville is forgettable for some, interesting for others. However, one thing is for sure: with the immediate proximity of rapid transit and downtown literally down the road, this neighbourhood has a high propensity to densification, as both developers and Torontonians flock towards this convenient mid-town area.

Looking southeast across Balliol Park with the Davisville building in foreground, image courtesy of Diamond Schmitt Architects

The Diamond Schmitt Architects-designed project is composed of a 30-storey tower and a 14-storey building, respectively featuring 342 and 180 new rental units. By replacing two rows of townhouses with one building fronting Davisville Avenue, and one fronting Balliol Street, Balliol Park will reinforce the urban character of the neighbourhood while preserving its identity thanks to a modernist-inspired design. 

View of the southern building site looking north, picture by drum 118

The demolition of the buildings onsite was completed last summer while the excavation work to make way for the underground parking garage started in the fall. By the end of 2014, the first buckets of concrete were poured and since then, both structures have started their slow climb towards the surface with a slight lead for the southern one. Both cranes are in place, supporting columns, walls and floors are starting to take shape. A year from now the two buildings will be changing the local skyline.

View of the northern building site looking north, picture by roundabout

The Shiplake Management Company redevelopment also features an enhanced community park to replace the original one. Designed by the renowned landscape architecture firm gh3 who recently completed June Callwood Park in the Fort York neighbourhood, the new greenery, pathways and sitting spaces will be made more visible from the street thanks to the building's ground floors which will be pulled in, with upper floors supported by columns, thus creating a view towards the centre of the block. A few lucky residents will enjoy the four townhomes located at the base of the shortest building and facing the park, while four other towns will face the street.  

Building materials on site, picture by roundabout

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